8 August 2009

Fact: Coral reefs are among the oldest ecosystems on Earth.
Fact: Coral reefs are the largest living structure on the planet.
Fact: Although coral reefs cover less than 1% of the Earth’s surface,
they are home to 25% of all marine fish species.
Fact: 500 million people rely on coral reefs for their food and livelihoods.
Fact: Coral reefs form natural barriers that protect nearby shorelines from the
eroding forces of the sea, thereby protecting coastal dwellings, agricultural land and beaches.
Fact: Without the existence of coral reefs, parts of Florida would be under water.
Fact: Coral reefs have been used in the treatment of cancer, HIV, cardiovascular diseases and ulcers.
Fact: Corals' porous limestone skeletons have been used for human bone grafts.
Fact: It is estimated that coral reefs provide $375 billion per year around the world in goods and services.
Fact: If the present rate of destruction continues, 70% of the world's coral reefs will be destroyed by the year 2050.

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  1. Beautiful!!!! I love fish & other water animals!! Great pics!!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Can't wait for my trip to Asia later this year. Miss snorkeling.

  3. hi! just wondering, how tall are you?

  4. hi darling. no problem. i am hapy that so much people join you blog!!!
    could you add me to oyur blogroll?
    this would be so cool!
    love lara

  5. Hey Anonymous,
    I'm only 5'4"!

  6. Well I think that mine works well because I use it religiously. If I skip even one night, I have the tendency to break out the next day... which kind of scares me, but that just makes me remember every night. Weird thing though: it doesn't work past it's expiration date. So check that out.

    My skin gets kind of dried out by it too, but I just moisturize in the morning and everything is fine.

  7. beautiful pictures

  8. very insightful- thanks for all the tips :)


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