1 August 2009

*note: it took forever to do this on Word.

images: VS & wehearit. Info: here and here


  1. WOW!!! I'm so jealous too!!! They both look amazing!!!!


  2. jealous is the proper word, yes. i'm grabbing a measuring tape soon! sorry, not now..but this shall be very useful. your Word laboring will pay off!

  3. la perla! <3 love myself some sexy lingerie

  4. This is so unfair. I'm buying me a pair. And I do mean the boobs.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  5. i honestly just ripped off my clothes and attacked myself with a meausring tape. turns out ive been wearing the right bra size! :)

    p.s. your post "Brain Fry" has made me NEED to force my brother to take me on an inpromptu trip to the dollar store to get colours markers as soon as he wakes up. and i am so excited. yeah im one of those people.

    so jealous of how you turned around your blog... ADORE IT.

  6. dayumm, I'm jealous too. I really liked this post. It was helpful. x

  7. ahh thank you so much for posting this! it is so true...most women wear the wrong size.

    very funny, too. one of my good friends is a fit model for victoria's secret and we had an extensive talk yesterday on the sizing methods they use and the science behind sizing, etc. fascinating. an outrageous amount of time, effort, and detail go into vs lingerie - i had no idea. and i'm jealous as well....of my fit model friend that gets shipped to new york and hong kong and other places...just to try on new lingerie. ah, what a job. :P

    - lauren xoxo

  8. I want that stella mccartney bra its so pretty x

  9. :)) I remember having a conversation with my much younger friend a few days ago!


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