Let old be new again

30 May 2008

Don't you love how the vintage trend, which I'm predicting is going to stick around for a while, has inspired designers to make pieces that look both antique and modern? A feat accomplished by a few, here are some finds that tickled my fancy
[used to be on style.com's look book, link removed. No info, sorry!]
Superfine Felix cropped waistcoat (sold out)

The modernity is subtly hidden, but peeks out enough to make a difference.


  1. I love your blog especially because i had French
    for 4 years in school and simply love the language.
    I have never been to toronto
    (I'm from Malta)
    but I love the city and want to visit
    it sometime in the Autumn :).

    I did link you in my blog :)

    again, loved your blog ^^

  2. very inspirational photos on your blog :)


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