Polaroid my ankle.

29 May 2008

I popped across this graphic as I was editing my blog. It triggered my love for all things weird. Originality never hurt anybody.

Today I have an 'obsession' (so to speak) for all things polaroid. I love how this photographic trend is coming back into play. Making pictures look old-school can also be accomplished using a disposable camera, à la Cory Kennedy. But they're still not as cool as the poly-pols. I think it's the frame, or the euphoric shaking motion. Hey-ya! I actually stumbled upon a few cool ones as I was surfing the web and browsing  notes by naive - she's brilliant, I wish I had as many cameras as her.
par naive


There, I've quenched my polaroid thirst. And I've shared my favorites with you. Do you feel special? Maybe a little tingling in your feet? =]



  1. polaroids are bomb. I'm verrry sad that they decided to stop making them. :(

  2. SAMESIES! I'm wondering where I could find one now. I'm scared of searching them on e-bay, that would be a fright. They're probably an arm, and a leg, and a vena cava dress.

  3. dear belle.chantelle ;)

    thanks for comments left on warsawmania.

    you're writing about polaroid, they're cool but even cooler ones are LOMO cameras. do u know them? have u ever used? worth recommending :)


  4. Love how you love polaroids! Great blog, link exchange :)


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