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Sunday, February 07, 2010

CK 1997-99

Can you believe how amazing these look more than ten years later?
Turlington and Moss are total chameleons. 
 I'm totally going to do a wardrobe re-haul now. Not that I've got much left in my closet, anyway. 

I'll talk to you cats later,


imagesource: http://djuna.cine21.com
8 comments on "Learn the basics."
  1. i love you blog! im going to follow you on bloglovin...im a fashion illustrator so if youd like to check out my work go here: njareczillustration.blogspot.com

    xxnicole :)

  2. Wow I'd never guess they're from 10 years ago! I looove the second one :)

  3. Lovely pictures.
    My favorite Kate Moss era. :)

  4. LOVE this post, and your blog. I actually posted a video on my page that for some reason I think you'll enjoy :) ciao miss chantelle!

  5. wow...it looks so fresh and current


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