Mischief in Montréal

29 April 2016

Hi friends!
I thought I would share some photos from my recent mini road trip to Montreal. My bf and I drove up from Toronto in April, and explored the city by foot. We got a quaint little spot from airbnb that was in a perfect location. We pretty much walked to all of the destinations on our list, and got a great workout everyday. It was fantastic! I haven't been to Montreal since July 2006 (the summer I did the Explore French immersion program at La Pocatiere, Quebec) - so this visit was long overdue. Time really flies!  

The architecture is some of the most stunning in Canada. It is such a treat for the eyes, and even in the blistering cold, it still managed to take my breath away. Above is the facade of Notre Dame with my bf as a height reference. 
It's not a trip to Montreal without poutine!
My bf finishing all of my left overs... regardez the empty tasse.
This is a cheat photos- ramen from Momofuku in Toronto!

Can't miss a cheesy tourist photo with the Queen!

The most delicious risotto (shrimp risotto) I've ever eaten! Thank you for the instagram suggestion Kate! I was adventurous and ordered the bone marrow dish as well at L'Express, and I've never tasted alien brains before, but I'm pretty sure that's how they would taste. Nothing a little dijon mustard couldn't work its magic on though. Hahaha!

And just to wrap up, a quick photo with this wonderful human being...and these equally wonderful matcha madeleines from Uncle Tetsu! TEEHEE!



  1. You are such a lovely couple! The pictures are beautiful

  2. You are such a lovely couple! The pictures are beautiful

  3. Happy to see you enjoyed my hometown. Montreal is so much fun! :D


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