Friday Favorites - Preparing For New Adventures

27 February 2015

Hey everyone,

I'm pretty sure by now all my social media friends know I'm finally done surgery. What a crazy two months! As one physician on the elevator said, "It's like a rite of passage into medicine". Here, here. Anyway, below are some of my fave things this week. My next rotation is Internal Medicine for two months, and I am SUPER EXCITED! I think I'm gonna love it!

1. Straight hair!! My head hadn't seen a flat iron since New Year's Eve ^-^
2. Being able to finally paint my nails again. Here are a few inspo pictures for the week.
image sources: heartoverheels, and
3. Sleeping in past 4 am for two days!
4. My attendings from Peds. Praise for their continued help and generosity!
5. Finding a few new blog faves: paperlovestory for you stationary addicts out there (both images below are from her site), and robowecop for writing freely about her anxiety issues and addressing mental health.

What are some of your favorite pieces or moments lately? 


  1. I like the Milani nails polish, how pretty.

  2. yes absolutely contact me if you have NYC questions! and woo hoo for sleeping past 4 am!! xxo


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