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16 January 2015

Hi everyone!

I'm now finishing my second week on surgery, and boy is it tough. Nevertheless, I'm doing lots of learning, and getting my monthly reality check on how vast a repertoire of knowledge I need to become a good doctor. After brutal pimping sessions, I tell myself "Rome wasn't built in a day" and hit the books for as many hours as possible before bed. This 4:15am wake up time is not my cup of tea, but many have it worse. I can't wait to see what stories I collect by the end of the 8 weeks!! (Aside - I will be posting my Pediatrics Rotation in Review once my marks go up, which won't be for another month.)

Here are my weekly favorites

My new agenda (link here)
  It is small enough to carry in my purse, there's just enough space for daily reminders and a collection of memories/quotes, and most of all it's freaking gorgeous. The images throughout the planner are stunning and Parisian. Flipping through it makes me happy. Take a look at more pictures by clicking the link above :D

Cat cuddles
  Hanz took a nap with me a few days ago white my bf watched the MMA fight; it was purrfect.

Fleece lined tights
  I now have three pairs, and they've been lifesavers!!! Thanks H!

Vanilla Caramel Creamer - it's seriously delicious.

Getting to spend a day with the anesthesiologist during surgeries. I have a whole new appreciation for the field. If anyone is interested in some of the cool procedures they do, check out ultrasound guided nerve blocks and pentobarbitol coma.

   That's all for now! What have you been loving this week, and what are your plans for le weekend?


Thanks for stopping by. À plus mes belles!

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