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10 July 2014

      It has been a whirlwind past few weeks after my big exam. We had a week of prep for the wards, and then we were flung out to different hospitals for our first day of rotations. It was DEFINITELY different from being in a classroom and taking it easy. I've had to wake up at 4am almost every morning to get to the hospital for my early shift. These OB/GYN doctors are superstars. All hail! (Wait a few weeks and I'll tell you all about my first overnight call. Not looking forward to that since I start getting nauseated by like 8am.)
         Mix all this craziness with moving down to the core of Chicago, navigating the eccentric drivers that seem to be cruising the streets, and having my first encounter with city rats (WHY YOU SO BIIG??!), you got a whole lot of "GAHHHHH!!" heard on my end. But it has been fun and so different.  How are all the new M3's doing? Drop me an e-mail or shoot me a tweet! We can freak out together!

       How's everyone else doing? Any fun plans for the summer? I'm going to have no life as usual, so I'll live vicariously through you. I haven't been back home in over half a year and it's ridiculous. I miss Toronto and everyone there so much!

Here are a few random pictures I was able to catch on my phone during all this brouhaha!
Last week in my beloved apartment. 
First 4th of July in the USA! (I'm usually back home in Toronto for the summer, but I started rotations this year so I was in good ol' America!)

Weekend breakfast shenanigans at the Boy's house

Practicing my knot tying technique for surgery.

On my walk to a new hospital for didactic day
Finding a super cheap resto with massive outdoor patio near the new apartment. Lots of beer on tap.
Debating whether or not to buy plants (it was a NO!) 



  1. Congrats on getting over the hump (Step 1)! Enjoy every moment of M3 - there's something to learn from each! And good luck! "Fake it til you make it!"

    1. Hahaha that's the plan darling. And thank you!

  2. lovely pics!


  3. Sounds like such an exciting couple of weeks!! It sucks that you can't go home but you sound like you love what you do anyway so I'm hoping that'll make it better for you :)
    you're such an inspiration to me with all that you do, just thought you should know!

    1. Thanks Naghmeh! That's such a beautiful compliment <3

  4. Wow seems like you're having a real busy time :)

  5. LOVE ur blog :)


  6. Lovely pictures! I wish i could visit chicago, they say it is a beautiful city


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