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21 February 2014

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd pop on since I feel like I haven't been here in a while, and so much has happened! First off, this is my first reading week in Chicago. Boo! I usually go home, or go on vacation (remember my Florida trip last year?), but I've been hunkering down to study for this board exam. So far the weather has been poop, but it's nice and cozy inside. Second of all, my parents came down for a visit! Yayayyaaaaa! We had a ton of fun together, and I picked up a few more things for the apartment and my wardrobe. I will share them with you in an upcoming post. And lastly, I'm in an exercise rut. Nothing has held my interest like dancing and competing did. If you have any suggestions, please shoot them my way. :D

Here are a few cute outfits I saw on tumblr. They're fashionably perfect for clinic. 
Here's a full week of food prep for exam periods. Doing this saves so much time when you're cramming information in the noggin', and eating crappy foods is too tempting. I also make sure it's loaded with veggies and some fish to help my brain work better.

This is pretty much what I see 8-16 hours a day. Double-fisting First Aid for Step 1! My laptop can't even fit on the table with all these books, and I'm still missing quite a few. I need a desk the size of a living room! (This is another reason why I study on the floor a lot, that and I get to lay down and avoid neck strain).

That's all that's happening on my end! 
What are you up to this weekend? 



  1. I love your blog! I really enjoy how specific and concrete you get in your posts, especially the academic ones, and how positive and humble you seem. Inspiring!

  2. Love those outfits! Very classy. And your First Aid looks just like mine (which I still reference from time to time). Happy studying!

  3. Gahh, good luck on your test! That study material looks awful. You're going to kill it!! :)

  4. It's always SO fun when parents come to visit! And every time i check your blog i miss studying SO very much. You're definitely an inspiration Chantelle :)

  5. Those outfits are so cute!
    Good luck on your exams :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  6. Oh my goodness all those books, I don't know how you do it! Good luck with all the exams dear. Also, love the collar on the first photo you posted - it's making me dream of Spring looks. x E


  7. love the new layout :)
    also love your study space and your food prep you go girl!
    good luck with all the studying

  8. I love your blog, your blog is very interesting. Your study space is cool! I like reading books. And I have to say that your outfits are nice.

  9. first time on your blog and loooove it - beauty and brains!
    best of luck with all your exams - that set up looks intense!


  10. I just came across your blog (love it!) and was reading your old entries about studying in med school. I'm about to start studying for Step 1, and I was thinking about getting my First Aid unbound and 3 hole punched. Did you end up finding it useful? Did you find that the pages tore? Thanks!


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