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31 January 2014

Hola everybody!
I've been ferociously searching my noggin' for original content to blog about... and what I realized I really needed to do was take a look around me. Today I'm letting you in on recent finds that have brought a little spunk to my monotonous daily routine. Study - eat - study - eat- study - sleep - repeat. I love it, though!

P.S. As many of you know, the second half of MS2 year in American medical schools involves preparing for the USMLE Step 1. Unfortunately, that also means I will be posting less often than I regularly do until the end of June. To keep updated & chat with me regularly, follow me on twitter & instagram

+ My Erin Condren planner has been a great tool to keep me on track for studying. I do not use the scheduled daily breakdowns, and instead appropriate them to To-Do/Important events/Journal. There's even space to pop in your daily food prep or exercise, as well as a weekly 'goals' section. 
+ I love dressing up professionally for clinics & patient exams, however it is incredibly hard to find fashionable yet figure-flattering pieces. My outfit above is the best back-up, and each piece was bought at a different place.
+ I picked up a few goodies at H&M's Home section online. New pillow covers & a striped duvet cover set - the apartment is ready for spring! 



  1. Love this post! your home really does look Spring ready and oh so pretty!! good luck with all the studying baby girl!

  2. My bf (who is also a med student) teases me for being obsessive about perfect grooming and professional clothing. But from a patient's perspective I find they feel more respected and trusting than if I were a freakshow with rainbow hair and ripped shirt (not that I didn't proudly rock that as a teen brat :D I love your style and decor, stay strong with studying :)

  3. Looks very nice! Great blog you have!

  4. Love this! Love the colors on your bed and pillows.

  5. loving all of these things as well. Fabulous collection, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest make-up tutorial. xo

  6. So many pretty things in one post. Love this!!
    xo TJ


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