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15 October 2013

Boy has it been a crazy couple weeks. Tons and tons of studying, more studying to come, and plans for the weekends. Hallelujah for vacations while we're at it! Also, I think it should be illegal to have an exam the day after a long weekend. Way to spoil the fun. -_-


Here are some beautiful things I'm loving lately in life:

Rose candles that fill my entire apartment with scent - the feeling of fall & anticipation for winter festivities - indulging my eyes at mariannan's blog during study breaks (so glad she decided to increase her number of posts per week) - wearing my new zara anorak; I need to snap a pic whilst wearing it - apple picking with The Boy - eating melted goat cheese with honey & fruits while watching scary movies - red nails - witnessing a pipe burst while grocery shopping (scary, but chuckle-worthy when you look back on it) - hot showers - hair that cooperates - ice cream sandwiches - feeling like I have a fresh start every three weeks - my humidifier - a pair of miu miu oxford pumps my mom tried on at Nordstrom - eating grapes

And that has been my life lately!
What's going on on your end? 



  1. Lovely flowers! and I agree it should be illegal to have an exam after a long weekend. Good luck with school :)

  2. I actually drank one of those Arizona iced teas an hour ago from the bottle. I remember getting the $0.99 massive can at walgreens... the tea bags look yummy too


  3. I love your blog! Last week was a really hectic week for me, so I know how you feel! And yes, test before a break should be illegal, teachers are too cruel.
    -Vivian from stylemeendless

  4. Aw, I love all these pretty pictures! And I just have to say, that pizza- OMG, I want it now! :)

  5. oh that pizza looks soooo good! and that goat cheese snack sounds amazing too, basically you've just made me very hungry haha.
    Those miu miu's your mama is rocking are beautiful I just want to stare at their sparkly prettiness.
    good luck with all your exams!

  6. Love this post! That pizza looks crazy amazing

    The Koalafornian x


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