Fun Activities for the Winter Season!

27 November 2012

The title is pretty self-explanatory, and I've also added a few images from The Boy & I's weekend in the city & enjoying nature. Cheers!

1. Taste all the holiday season drinks & sweets at Starbucks. Bring a new playlist, or a great book, and cuddle up in one of their comfy arm chairs. [There's one near my place in Toronto that has a huge leather couch facing a fireplace. Heaven!]
2. Check out the new exhibits at the museum or art gallery. Frida & Diego is on until January at the AGO in Toronto. The Art Institute of Chicago is currently showing Steve McQueen!
3. Buy tickets to the Nutcracker, or any other holiday-season inspired ballet/musical theatre/opera performance. The arts are so wonderful during this time of year. And you get to see everyone's lovely coats and fancy hats!

4. My personal favourite (I do it every season with slight variations): Hot chocolate + furry blanket + warm socks + good movie.
5. Once it finally snows enough, test out a few winter sports: skiing, skating, snowboarding, the works!
6. Get your Christmas shopping done early from the comfort of your own bed. I love the internet.

7. Organize your closet, and give it a nice clean out. If that's already done, start slowly buying matching hangers. You'll thank me later.
8. Go for a nature walk. The silence is golden. Plus, it's healthy. :D
9. Buy all the December issues of your favourite fashion and beauty magazines, and mark all the things you may want to keep a lookout for on Boxing Day/Post-Holiday Sales.

10. Start shopping for your New Years Eve outfit, or any upcoming fancy occasion! Here are a few designers to check out if you have time: Shoshanna, Clover Canyon (their prints= heaven), and Milly. [I have a Gala in January so I'm looking for a funky dress, or some killer shoes to spice up an ensemble I already have.]
11. Learn how to make seasonal recipes, maybe ones with pumpkin!
12. Make sure you get out of the house almost as much as you did in the summer. Vitamin D from the sun helps ward off seasonal depression, as does human interaction and exercise. Take care of yourself! 

Hope you enjoyed reading my suggestions as much as I enjoyed making this animated gif. ^-^
Lists make me happy & remind me to have fun. Yay!

[Credit: Almost all of the images were taken by The Boy.]


  1. Suuuuuuch a cute post!

  2. I like idea 9! That is super handy!!

    xoxo, M

  3. the boy? oh lala! c'est qui?

  4. Please make a post telling us about your Boy! How you met, what he's like, all the details!! :)

  5. Looks like fun! I just found your blog & it's lovely.

  6. Thanks everyone!
    And to Anon, the Boy will be a private matter. Superficial details will be given sporadically, but I like to keep my personal life off the internet as much as possible.


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