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26 March 2012

Hello everyone!

Today's post is a sack full of information and images that I've been collecting over the past couple weeks.
1. How to make a healthy smoothie - Buy blender. Pick favourite berries. Throw in 3-4 ice cubes. Blend away!
This is a great new way for me to make sure I eat all my fruits before they go bad. And it's a fantastic antioxidant kick since I adore berries.

 2. We have had a bit of a heat spell in the mid-west, and with it came summer clothes! WOOOHOOO! [Although I've been thinking about all the spring items that are out in stores. While I was perusing them in this heat, I felt zero desire to buy anything, because it was too 'warm' for this weather. It took me forever to find sandals that were fully open and wouldn't make my feet sticky.]
3. I got sent Lash Genius from Anastasia a few weeks ago to do a review - it's a top coat for your favourite mascara, to keep it waterproof. I wasn't too sure whether or not I would use it much, but once the hot humid weather hit (& my mascara started running) I pretty much wore it every day. If you're really attached to one brand/wand/composition, then you don't need to give it up for a different mascara on weddings, sad movie days, heat spells, beach, swimming, etc. It's fantastic! [Sometimes I just wear it by itself for a more natural look, and I separate my lashes into small sections to look like a doll. It dries clear so I'm being sneaky!] Lash Genius is only available in May, so keep your eyes peeled at Sephora and online. :D

4. A cute nail combination for spring & summer: OPI's "Sweet Heart" and Spoiled's "Trust Fund Baby". I also recommend switching out the pink and trying it with grey à la OPI's "French Quarter for Your Thoughts". I get compliments on both combos a lot.

 5. Sleeping with a new teddy-bunny. She usually ends up on the floor or squished against a corner, but that doesn't matter. My parents got it for me while they came to visit, and it reminds me of home. And drinking champagne at 1am on an air mattress, while giggling and stuffing our faces with grape tomatoes. Wild ones they are.

I'll be posting a few more images from my parent's visit to Chicago, because the city looked so gorgous. Hope you're all doing well! Keep on smiling, and looking for the bright spots of every day.



  1. wow your smoothie seems delicious! I think your nails are just lovely!!
    kisses from Venice

  2. ahhh im so happy to be back and on your blog again :)
    i loved this smoothie tip. i'm on this new muscle-gain kick that i know only my fellow skinny girl would understand, haha, so i need to try healthy and delicious breakfasts. sounds delish!!

  3. Love everything in this post! I think you just convinced me to go buy a blender...

    xx from Montreal,



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