New Year's Resolution: Get Out of Your Own Way.

3 January 2012

Hey everyone!

I'm back in Chicago for the last 5 month stretch of my Master's program. I already miss the family and friends back home; I had such a great time going out with my home unit. They're the shiznit. Anywho, now that I'm settled and unpacked in my apartment, I gotta get to posting on positivity and leading the awesome life that you create/have envisioned for yourself. Every article, video, book I've read on positivity and success mentions the same thing: the ability to filter and control your thoughts will get you where you want, but it takes immense amount of practice for the rest of your life - and you should also have some form of media that will  keep you inspired everyday. I found that reading and watching short videos works best for me. If I'm feeling down and uber-negative, I go back to my favourites and I talk to someone I trust just to vent a little. Then I let it go, and focus on myself & what makes me a happy baboon.

Moving on from your problems helps push the boundaries you've mentally set for yourself. You can't succeed, if you spend hours ruminating over an issue that was in the past. It's done. Don't waste time festering in negativity, it doesn't solve anything. That's the truth. These are precious minutes, hours, days you could have spent reading up on metaphysics, having tea at a new place with an old friend, learning how to make a perfect wingtip with your eyeliner, and the list is endless!

I hope all your New Year's Resolutions involve becoming a better version of yourself, closer to the woman/man you picture in the future. The only person stopping this progress, is you.
Get out of your own way. 

My cousin and I before heading to a bar in Toronto. We ended up meeting a bunch of Brazilians (their way of life and manner of being always makes me content), and a fellow Torontonian who is also studying in the USA. 


  1. Yeeeaah! Peer pressure me into positivity, Sean! :)

  2. I love both your outfit and your ideas. I'm trying on working with a more positive outlook on life this year too, so here's to throwing the dark gloomy thought down the drain :D

  3. love both your outfits, especially your boots!


  4. I love the quote and your shoes! Want some in Vegan?!You have my support! Me and my fabulous partner are DESIGNING, MAKING AND SELLING AUTHENTIC, HAND MADE VEGAN SHOES! want some?!Come be a part of our journey and find out all the wittle details :)!! and give us some feedback! xoxo-Mumu support a good cause!

  5. Oh my god those boots are AMAZING!

  6. I have this in my room haha, such a beautiful honest thing to live by. The quotes on your blog are rad.



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