My CLIENT Monogrammed Scarf Review

7 September 2011

Bonjour mes belles!

As promised, a post with my new do-it-all scarf by CLIENT. It's a cute little piece that was sent to me by Beth over in London. If you're curious as to what their new collection entails, click here. In my case, I got to have my initials monogramed on a head/neck scarf! It's my first monogrammed item...ever. Now, I would have liked the pattern to be double sided, but nevertheless, I was satisfied with the piece. It's the perfect length and width for tying a rosetta bud that doesn't take over your face- and I have a tiny face, so most quirky headpieces are too overpowering. Also, I learned this headscarf technique off Youtube! If you're curious, and would like to try it out click here.

Did ya notice the old school telephones? Most definitely harks back to their austere collection, and minimalist, conservative pieces for fall- a mix of clean cut 90's and polished 40's.

Thanks for reaching out to this little Canadian, CLIENT! And have a great Wednesday everyone!



  1. Love love love the Rosetta head scarf!! You look adorable!

  2. only you could rock a headscarf like this


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