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10 June 2011

Bonjour mes belles!

I just got home from work, and decided to take my new IR camera remote for a test drive. I'm actually quite impressed with the ease of self-photography! Best $10 I've ever spent! Also, does anyone know where I can buy solid colour maxi skirts?

Tank: J.Crew // Maxi dress: Lady Dutch // Cut-out sandals: Bakers

(I took a lot of silly pictures, because the remote got me excited. Above I'm doing a little 50's jig.)

My current finds, including a LubLub bracelet I've been wearing (for good luck) since April!

Life update: My new job consists of playing with babies and toddlers all day. I love it, but I get paint and water and sand all over me. Hence, I need your recommendations:
Where can I find cute, kid-proof clothing?
(I was thinking of hauling F21 rompers & dresses, 
so I won't cry when a 2-year-old paints a $200 t-shirt. 
But that's the extent of my knowledge.)


  1. That necklace is beautiful.Love your hair, I wish mine had curls like that!

  2. Pick up packs of T-shirts and tanks from Hanes at Target. I'd also dig around thrift stores for $1-3 skirts/shorts. Also, you can always buy oversized jeans at thrift stores, cut off the excess fabric, and roll the unfinished hems. Instant cool.

  3. I kind of feel a bit of a creeper heading over right away (saw the tweet update) but eh, there's two comments ahead of mine so I can't be too bad...

    (1) You look beautiful! You make me wish I had a lean & long silhouette to carry those maxi things as well as you do.

    (2) You've got me hooked on Lub Lub bracelets. I cannot wait to buy myself a stack...

    (3) H&M! Slightly better quality clothing so they'll last a few more washes of paint splatter jobs than F21.

    That's all. xx

  4. Go to zara for coloured maxis!! I'd say don't wear them to your job though! hehe

    xx S

  5. you look gorgeous <3 loving the jewelry as well :)

  6. love this outfit, love your hair, id trade you in a SECOND!

  7. Great suggestions!! Thanks guys! I'm hoping to go shopping this week or next.

  8. Chantelle, what lens do you use with your DSLR?

  9. your maxi skirt is so sexy! nice outfiT!


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