50 Classics for your Closet

10 February 2011

     Obviously, I should be studying for next week's midterms, but the internet has provided me with more entertaining, albeit menial activities. Today, I present to you the 50 Classics for your Closet, courtesy of Matchbook Magazine. I've continuously referred to this guide over the past 2 weeks, because I am composing a list of items to purchase in NYC. [I've got 0 on the list so far; maybe I can buy cheap air from the street vendors.]
     Nevertheless, I think these may be handy for the few of you who are always bogged down by selection, and guilty of impulse buying. Remember, if not all of these pieces fit your style, remove them and add a timeless piece... (I removed the khaki trousers, the tunic, and the shirt dress, and replaced all 3 with one item: high waisted, paper bag style shorts in khaki or taupe. Oh and those frumpy striped PJs...ladies, you deserve a silk teddy instead.) Enjoy!

And...this pasta looked delicious. I couldn't NOT share. 



  1. I think I'm going to have to bookmark this post, print out the guide and check out my closet one by one!

    Love this post!



  2. This is so useful! Thanks for posting this! I need to get some of these items!


  3. Thanks for posting these! Especially the recipe, I've already copied it...soon i'll be cooking it :)


  4. josyp, please send me a review once you've cooked it! I'm incredibly curious!

  5. Somehow, I have 17 of these items. I'm quite proud of myself... usually I don't have anything on the lists. :P

  6. Great list! I'm definitely in need of several of those items, while at the same time I know some things (like khakis) will never look right on me. Great post!


  7. ahhh I love all of this! I want so many items in this post!!!



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