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29 January 2011

Salut tout le monde!

I cannot believe January is almost fini! Actually, I'm glad. -_- It's bloody freezing in Canada; I almost walked out in shorts when father informed me it was only -7˚C outside. Anyway, here's a quick outfit post from a few weeks back (I know, I'm such a douchebag for posting everything up late. Ahh..better late than never!). =D

{This hair-do was super easy to do. Thank you, youtube.}

Also here's a list of things I have done since January 1st, that have made me feel better (hopefully I'll inspire a few of you to make some changes too) :
- Gym: What an endorphin kick! I love feeling sore out of my mind for days. I complain, but it hurts so good.
- Fluids: I'm just increasing my intake in general. I can't do the 2L of water a day thing, so I take more teas and actually finish what's in my cup during meals.
- Fish: I got a grey and baby pink mixed-beta fish to keep me company while I study. I've named him Baudouin, which means "brave friend". [Something he'll need to be during exam season.]
- Photography: I met a travel photographer while I was volunteering at the hospital last month, and she recommended I avoid deleting photos on my camera. Instead, I should load them onto my computer and see them full size; this helps illuminate the aspects I disliked about the photos, and how I can fix them next time. (I have even kept photos I deemed 'hideous' prematurely, because they looked a lot better blown up.)
- Vitamins: I can't keep a tight schedule with them, but I have started taking Vitamin D Chocolate tablets. Mmm...
- Skin: The face brush is magic. Seriously. I also stopped using face washes/toners/creams with acne medication. I do keep my spot treatments just in case, but my skin has been cooperating quite well lately. I can't say the same for my wandering hands..
- Food: Plain yogurt with blueberries, blackberries, raspberries & strawberries. Antioxidants galore!
- Bags: I stopped carrying heavy one-shoulder bags to avoid bad posture. This article on Oprah's site was pretty interesting.
- Nails: I give myself a mani every week with mom. You know, girl time.
- Shopping Detox: No fashion-related purchases for a whole month. I'm only 2 days away from my goal! It has been liberating- I used the money to check out delicious restaurants & patisseries instead. And to be honest, it was easy. Winter wardrobes get so repetitive and tiring by the time January hits. I honestly don't want to buy another sweater, or long-sleeved t-shirt, ever.. again. COME ON SPRING!
- Hair: Went back to my L'OREAL hair mask mentioned in this post. Why did I ever leave you?


  1. oh your hair is super cute!

    I really like that photography tip too. I hardly delete photos on my camera these days.

    Congrats on the shopping detox too!

  2. Hey Chantelle,

    you're posts are the only ones I seriously read every time because I think they have realyy high quality.
    You can see that you think before writing something and not just doing "blabla".
    I tried the shopping detox too, the first shirts, sweaters, accessoires you don't buy feel strange because you are used to buy them, bit then it feels rigth. The only thing I am going to buy is a bag for university, back-friendy, of course.


  3. That hair looks adorable on you!

    I put fruit in my water sometimes (meyer lemons and pears) which helps me want to drink it.

  4. Hi, really like your blog. What do you study at Uni? xx

  5. I love your outfit! Comfy and chic looking :)

    I'm desperately trying the water thing too...I tell myself every year to drink more. This year I also started taking a multivitamin religiously everyday as well as vitamin e to keep my skin, hair and nails in good condition. Heavy bags I don't think I'll ever be able to avoid!


    P.S. it was -6 in Montreal yesterday and I actually went outside on my balcony in just a t-shirt and felt fine for about 10 minutes. THIS IS PROOF OF HOW CANADIAN WEATHER SCREWS US UP :P

  6. Hey Anon!
    I'm studying Human Biology, Art History, and French at Uni. =D

  7. adore your outfit, and how cute is your hair? x

  8. love all of these resolutions, I'm definitely trying to increase fluids too, especially this time of year when everything is so dry and Canada is so-oo cold! xx

  9. you look super pretty

  10. love the hair--I always do this



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