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22 December 2010


I just had a great idea on a post this morning, so here it is: "Self-love: A Holiday Gift Guide." In Toronto, the past few weeks have been filled with store fronts announcing their discounted winter collections. I took advantage of a couple deals and invested in a few pieces my wardrobe lacked. Since most of you may not get the perfect black pair of skinny dress pants, or a crisp white bow blouse under the tree this year (honestly, wardrobe basics make pretty boring gifts & no one wants to give your fabulous self a boring gift), here's a little list to jog your memory while you're out in December & January.
1. Black leather pumps- Make sure they're your size, and comfortable enough. When all else fails, you can wear these babies with anything: jeans, mini dresses, bubble shorts, cropped harem pants, etc. PS. A little bit of a platform in the front will make walking in them slightly more bearable. Just slightly...
2. Black dress pants - because you can wear them anywhere: work, restaurants, to the ballet, to an upscale club. If they flatter your figure, you've got a best friend. I myself have been looking for a pair of skinny dress pants (no luck so far), since they are the most flattering shape on my twig body. I tried the whole drop-crotch grandpapa pants in tweed = NOT GOOD. I looked ridiculous. True story. I found Helmut Lang had a variety of interesting dress pant styles... even in leather. ;)
3. Statement necklace: preferably really bling-y. I think they're good pieces to dress up/ jazz up a toned-down outfit. I really enjoyed when MK Olsen would wear her ostentatious necklaces over grey loose tees and a pair of skinny jeans. I think such pieces would also look fantastic paired with a blouse - one without ruffles near the neck, but instead a nicely cut around the décolleté.
4. White blouse- my only suggestions for a tailored blouse would be to make sure it cinches nicely around your waist, and that it has nice cuffs. The former helps minimize wrinkles when wearing a blazer, and the latter looks cute peaking out of said blazer's sleeves. If you're not wearing a jacket over your blouse, then go crazy. I am really fond of loose cuts, pockets, & big bows. [I have my eye on a couple by Theory & Diane von Furstenberg]
5. Black leather bag/purse- I like satchel bags because they leave you hands-free. If you carry a lot in your purse, then a strap will help distribute the weight nicely. Plus, leather is better; it'll last longer. 
6. Black evening bag- because you're always looking for one to match your outfit before a night out dining, clubbing, etc. My favourites are the ones that have a chain, because I like using my arms/hands/upper body to dance. Sometimes I whack people over the head when I have a wristlet. Oops. ^-^
7. Tights- either solid black ones that won't pill, or a pair of super funky ones. I really like the fake thigh-high tights with the hearts up the back, and the printed ones.... and the ones with sequins and sparkle dust. Haha. I found Commando had nice leopard designed tights!
8. Leopard - this is a seasonal thing, I know. Leopard scarves and cardigans are still my favourite. Choose whatever you like! 
1. Tory Burch leopard shoes 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs bags 3. Gemma Redux jewelry 4. Matt & Nat clutches 5. Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry 6. Elizabeth & James pumps


  1. I absolutely love Juicy Coutures marketing :)

    Char x

  2. Wonderful blog!
    And pictures too.
    I hope you will visit my blog,

  3. oh my your gift guide is fabolous!

    Have a lovely christmas!



    Check out my blog and stay tuned to my daily updates!

  4. Great guide, I will keep this in mind when I go shopping. Merry Christmas! :)

  5. Happy belated birthday dearest Chantelle! And hope you had a lovely Christmas!

    So sorry I got back to your comment on blogging template html schtuff, exams had taken over my life. I think wordpress is quite different from blogger, but I literally sat for a week googling templates. Once I found one I liked, I just read through the css style template & changed things manually. It's tedious, but you'll feel accomplished! :D


  6. I just NOW saw your comment on my blog (freakin' Blackberry mail). Glad I could help, and stay warm!!! It's pretty cold down here too :( The worst part is the wind.

  7. They're pretty sexy, aren't they?

  8. I think the leopard print shoes have done it for me,fab blog!

  9. Love that bag! Reminds me of my Harley from Latico.com


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