The mind that is anxious about future events is miserable. -Seneca

14 September 2010

    It has been one week since I arrived back in Toronto, and je suis peeved with the weather. Quoi le merde? I'll be posting pictures from Europe once I get them off B (she was the designated photographer). Luckily, B took some really fantastic shots that I'm ebullient to share with you all. Woot! Anyway, I'm just doing a quick post to tell you some important things (aka. completely irrelevant shit that will not further you in life, but is still fun to read because you're wasting time on the internet):

a] I got my DSLR! I'm only on page 58 of the manual so bear with me. 
b] I'm back in school, so that means I'll be posting more often! *smiley face*
c] Top-knots are the bee's knees. Refer to Lily D below.

image source: knightcat

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