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2 August 2010

Hey everyone,
 I'm alive. Yes, I was just out enjoying the weather like a sane person. The fall brings out my terrible tendency to become a permanent homebody. Boo. Anywho, I uploaded 5 photos for this post, then got über self-concious over whether they would coincide aesthetically. Not enough complimentary colors (did you see that? I wrote it the American way. What a rebel.) Look, my hair is growing. Woohoo! Moving on....

  If I only buy one item in Europe this month, it's going to be another Longchamp bag. This fairly large pilage has come in handy lately, especially when I have to deal with school notes, lab clothes, and everyday necessities (ie. phone, make-up, wallet, sunglasses, prescription glasses, deodorant, etc). Yes, I do carry an extra deodorant- sometimes I'm in such a rush to leave the house that I forget to put it on! It has happened one too many times; at one point I amounted 4 deodorants in my washroom since I had to keep buying them. Lesson learned, amigos.
 New product rave: Maybelline lipstains. I bought myself one in Wink of Pink #15, and it gave my lips a lovely pinkish-red colour. This is the closest I'll get to wearing red lipstick in public (outside of dance competitions). And.. it smells like freezies. Freezies! How summer is that?!
That's all for today! Have a good one. :)



  1. very cute top


  2. im sure you get compliments on your face all the time because your absolutely gorgeous

  3. I love love love your floral top.

  4. you so beautiful girl..love your outfit too

  5. you have a great sex appeal girl..so beautiful..

  6. cute outfit and i love the makeup. i love your blog and i have added it to my blog roll. i check your blog all the time.


  7. Love your face in the last picture and great hair and makeup.

  8. lust lust lusting those shorts!! great photos :) first time to your blog-will def be back!
    check me out at


  9. helloooo!! loving the outfit post, you look adorable! and when are you going to europe and where?!

  10. Hey hun!
    I'm going to Portugal and Spain on Aug 22-Sept 6. I'm trying to get myself to commit to 'photo-a-day' posts while I'm there.

  11. Beautiful!!!


    LOVE minnja

  12. all are beautiful abut this outfit

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  15. Love the outfit and you're sooo pretty. :) I think you're my new girl crush. ^.^

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