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27 June 2010

What I learned this week:

+ Apply HD concealer with a concealer/foundation brush. It makes the pores on your cheeks look smaller. I'm assuming it's because the bristles are able to deposit the make-up into the pore, instead of around it. *Thank you Smashbox make-up consultant, I'm really loving the HD concealer and I enjoyed your life story.*

+ Light a candle. If you're alone, reading a book or doing some homework..just light a nice scented candle. I do this a lot when I'm studying for exams, because I have bad anxiety and I find it calms me down. Lately, whenever I light my candle at my desk, I'm automatically programmed to study (which has become very helpful). Go program your candle for whatever mood you need.
+ Strangers believe in you more than you believe in yourself. Stop listening to your own thoughts, and make those strangers your friends.
+ The latest operating system update (iOS 4.0)  for the iPhone has a folder option. Minimalists rejoice!
 Ruth Promislow - mom, corporate lawyer, fashion designer. No big deal..
(That's her husband Shawn Hewson, the other half of the label and also a lawyer. He quit practicing law so he could dedicate more time to Bustle Clothing, which boomed since the fashion community got a load of its designs.) *PS. They met at University of Toronto's law school!

Skin care pointers for girls in their 20's: sunscreen everyday, exfoliate once a week, moisturize with appropriate creams depending on your skin (water-based or gel types for oily skin), find a routine and stick with it! Dermatologist recommended products: Origins Zero Oil Toner ($22 CDN), Orlane Paris Anagenèse 25+ First Time-Fighting Care ($89 CDN), Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer ($20 CDN). Cult favourite= SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic ($150 CDN).

Notes: lilac, orange blossom, and honey.
Closet organization tips here.

Want to lose weight, quit smoking, finish a marathon? Start blogging about it. "It creates instant accountability, and a personal support group".

All the exercise you need to improve your mood, relieve stress and make you feel more energized is 25 minutes! Use this tip when you're feeling upset. :D

You can boost your IQ by 5 points in as little as one month by working on brain training exercises: NYTimes crossword, brain trainer apps, brain-fitness vacations, etc.

To cut down and map your activity online, use RescueTime.

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  1. #4 is really interesting :D !!! Maybe I'll try one of those products.


  2. Love this post! Thanks for the advice. Definitely gonna do the strawberry salad because sometimes i get sick of the greens. i need some of that sweet and tangy. =)

  3. loving your blog, i may try that concealer

  4. That salad looks soooo yummy!


  5. hi babe,
    hope you are enjoying summer!
    xo chauss

  6. Honestly, I adore this post... :) Awesome idea, I might just had to try this on my blog!

    Hope you're enjoying you summer, despite the school!


  7. Honestly, I adore this post... :) Awesome idea, I might just had to try this on my blog!

    Hope you're enjoying you summer, despite the school!


  8. Lots of fun tips in the post!

  9. i'm just always amazed at how many amazing things you pack into your posts.

    love you. :)

  10. i love the one about strangers believe in you more than yourself because that's exactly how i feel with being in treatment and everything; people i've never met are more supportive and loving of me than myself . isn't that interesting ?

    adore your blog !

  11. you really amazing..what a post you have here..its awesome

  12. Salad looks amazing!
    Shawn Hewson is a cuttiieeee. Did dressing for Bustle at LG fashion week and was fortunate enough to meet him. So niceeee. :)

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