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17 March 2010

I haven't brought y'all some Stockholm street style lovin' in a while...

And some Mary-Kate Olsen love. This has been the first outfit of MKA that I've liked in a long time. I would expect to see this on Ashley, since it's more put together than Mk usual scruffy-ness. Does anyone know the make of this dress?


imagesource: stockholmstreetstyle, olsensanonymous


  1. I love that quote. Lovely pictures. Your blog is wonderful and a delight to read ;-)

  2. it's giambattista valli, and a couple of years old. she paired it with very tall, white & hot pink heels.

  3. lovee al of them! esp mk's goregous ring on her index finger!

  4. love all the clothes=) check out my blog!

  5. love . love . love it!
    darn i want the balenciaga!

  6. great outfits! i need those gloves. no gloves no love.

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