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4 December 2009

photos: unknown [if you do, please link me to the photographer's site]
& quote formatted by chelseanico

+ That blue makes me happy.
+ I just noticed I bought a nail polish similar to that shade at Sephora today.
+ Sephora has become my new favourite store.
+ I spent half hour an hour just sniffing the perfume wall today.
+ Don't judge me. I was trying to decide which one I loved the most:
Viva La Juicy or Love by Nina Ricci. [Close battle]
+ I got batteries put in all my watches. I went from 0 to 4 in one day!
+ Dexter is getting so good.. so, so good.
+ I'm sad Glee will be going on hiatus 'til April. =( 

+ I've been obsessing with iPhone cases during study breaks,
and I found the cutest/'dorkishly' funny ones every on etsy: here and here. [I die.]
**Also, for those of you who are college students & have an iPhone,
download iTranscribe to record your lectures.
[Don't worry, a 2 hr lecture barely cuts into your battery life.]
+ Oh, I organized my make-up, accessories, and hair drawers over the weekend.
It has worked miracles on the amount of different stuff I
use when I can actually see it.

I think that is all. I just thought-vomited all over this post,
but my brain is fried as I am très fatigué from last night's all-nighter..
But I refuse to sleep, because I will destroy my zzz patterns before exam period!



  1. Daisy looks amazing!

    Lovely blog! I am following!


  2. fantastic cape and also, randomly, DEXTER!! EEP! So good.

  3. Anna Selezneva is perfect!
    Gorgeous quote by the way.


  4. love the shoes...
    trade links?


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