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24 September 2009

So I stumbled across this product while I was browsing the internet for good face masks... and I'm completely stunned/still skeptical. It's not by a reputable name brand, but it's got photo and video evidence that it works. By the looks of it, it seems incredible. And it's not expensive, so I don't think I have much to lose purchasing it. I find it interesting that it uses charcoal. This to me seems a very unique way of harnessing its properties. I kinda, sorta love the noire-ness of it all too ^-^.

application procedure: apply a thin even layer on affected skin
time: 30 mins
body location: use wherever blackheads are! [not just nose]
magic ingredient: active charcoal -
active charcoal has the ability to deeply cleanse and purify pores
by absorbing impurities. Active charcoal also has an antiseptic and balancing effect on the skin.
FAQ: Why is the mask better than Pore Strips?
Pore strips may seem to remove blackheads, but pore strips contains glue ingredients that over the long run causes irritation & reduced effectiveness. Pore strips also cause enlarge pores. This peel contains oil-absorbant charcoal & mild ingredients that are suitable for all skin types.
Update 2017: Nowadays anyone and their mom can find peel off blackhead masks thanks to Korea's skincare innovations and new exports to North America. I have since tried them as well, and be warned they HURT when you peel them off. Your baby facial hair will come out with it. Please be aware this is a short term benefit, and longterm simple skincare routine is what reigns supreme. If you want to one of these once in a while for (painful) fun, go ahead. I won't deny that my skin feels super smooth afterwards. Don't forget to moisturize! It totally strips your skin. 
I've enjoyed charcoal products significantly over the past two years, a major staple being the Biore Charcoal Wash, and their self-heating charcoal mask (omg it feels amazing and your skin glows after!).  

Another new find from 2019-2020 is the hydrocolloid strips that you can buy in bigger sheets and place over your blackheads. The results look amazing, and there appears to be less striping on on the skin barrier. 

For those of you interested in my most recent skincare routine - please check out my posts here: 

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  1. what the heck is this over there? oO
    kinda icky...

    and yeah the olsens just made it again.. ^^

  2. awesome blog, so great

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  3. ahh removing blackheads! it's such a disgusting regimen. but at the same time, it gets the work done. lols

  4. ahaha i love removing blackheads, but then it makes me kinda grossed out and makes me feel bad about my nasty skin... :/ ahaha

  5. Sean,

    1) I never thought of blackhead removal the same way after trying out the Isolaz photopneumatic-laser therapy 2 years ago. It's too bad I can't afford to do it every other week. They need to make at-home versions and my life will be complete! (at the very least, my hope for better skin!)

    2) I lurve those Chanel glasses, but I wonder if Mary-Kate Olsen always has to suck in her cheeks when she's being photographed. It must be very tiring.

  6. haha hey helen,
    I'm totally gonna look into that. I wish they had at home versions of everything! There's a new at home laser hair removal selling on the sephora website.. I really want it, but I'm pretty sure it's not as good as the real thing. Nothing ever is :(

    p.s. I have a feeling MK is on steriod medication lately. Something made her face swell drastically the past couple weeks. It's kinda scary. she looks like a man..

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