29 June 2009

Alright, so the VLOG post is going to take longer than I thought! And while you wait I'm going to bombard you with more photos saved on my mac. I'm planning on growing out my bangs, and my hair (as I've mentioned before, I want mermaid-long hair), so here's some inspiration that has kept me on track.

A lot of these were taken from LHFC! I love her blog <3 span="">
- chantelle


  1. ahh I am trying to do the same thing, but I always give up and eventually cut my bangs. Thanks for these pictures, they're great!

  2. I believe that long hair is a plus factor of a girl on beauty. Just like my sister, she don't even wanted her hair to be cut. And i like it that way.=D

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  3. I'm also trying to grow my hair out :) Especially now that it's red, I think it would look amazing long!

    Great photos as always!

  4. Ah i really love all these photos!

  5. I love that blue blazer on last picture! Amazing.

  6. I too am growing out my bangs and hair! This has given me more incentive to do so. xx

  7. hang in there! growing your hair out can be a bitch but the end results are worth it, ive left mine for two years without more than a trim and now the ends tickle my lower back :) thanks for the mention babe xx

  8. Adore these pics..I reaaally want my hair to grow this long! its actually been 9 months since I last cut mine in hope that I it might grow but sadly highlights etc have left my hair in spilt end central soo i know when i go to the hairdressers there going to want to chop it all off:(..apoligies for my little rant!

    lily xxx

  9. Oh I really do love all these photos! So pretty. My hair is super short...but I love it, I think it works for me. However, I really do love the long hair look. Good luck!

  10. it looks pretty awesome .. but i guess models can pull off everything .. long straight hair no layers isnt too good .im sure you'll put some layers right?
    or it'll look heavey and drag things down .. i know cuz i used to have my hair like that .. but anyway .. i'm juat one little person cant wait to see it :)

  11. Adore these inspirations, especially the last image... makes me want to grow mine even longer. xx

  12. i love all of these photos . inspirational .


  13. thanks, babe;)

    i love these pics a LOT, espesh. the first!

    xx raez

  14. Great inspiration, I always wanted to do that! I don't know what it is, but somehow it begans to itch and I cut it of! Later I always feel bad, thinking about the time it will take me to grow it back! But now I'm going for it!

    xxx Thaïs


  15. love the last girl with her nautical looking jacket. i need one of thosee. . her hair is gorgeouss!

  16. ugh, love the third set of photos! im growing out my hair too and these pictures are great

    thank you so much for stopping by fashion handglide, i really appreciate it!

  17. I'm contemplating weather to get my haircut or not... but everytime i see these pictures i know i'll regret it if i cut it.. but my head is SO long and long hair makes it look even longer!!! hAhahahah!!! Any ideas?

  18. i've been missing my long hair so much, and now i'm missing it even more. such great pictures.


  19. these are great. i am always looking for inspiration as my hair is long and thick = hard to deal with!

  20. please can I look like this??? so amazing! xx

  21. long hair is way more fun - ive had it both ways and i know the truth!

  22. Long hair just does not suit me... Anytime I've tried to grow it past my shoulders, I've ended up looking ridiculous. Such a pity 'cos long hair looks so pretty on everyone else!

  23. Awesome pics :)!


  24. i know, i started about six months or a year ago, and its finally to my shoulder blades!
    just remember to take amazing care of it though, :)

  25. I think we are all trying to do the same thing !

  26. just beautiful.


  27. I'm totally trying to do the same thing. I'm done with bangs, but my hair is taking FOREVER to grow!

  28. OH wow, needed this. I'm trying to grow my hair out too. My hair has never grown past my boobs, and I'm going to try to change that.

  29. I wish I had long flowy hair - and hair that I could centre part!

  30. Yes yes yes ! Looove long hair !
    I've had no bangs for quite some time now, and coincendatly i have an appointement today with my hairdresser. You're making me feel so guilty ! lol

  31. I love long hair... something about it is so feminine :)

  32. i love love love the first one. so pure beautiful.

  33. Love the styling in the black and white pics!=)


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