Beautiful Bruna

16 January 2009

I think this Brazilian model is so gorgeous. 
Bruna Tenorio

I stumbled upon this online magazine last week: I love Fake
It has some crazy awesome graphics, and I like how it's
targeted to both males and females. Very good content.

I also came across kittypinkstar's "Wreck this Journal" progress updates. 
I decided to start my own because I have so many blank journals lying around 
that are too pretty for school. I've started mine, though it's so hard to keep up! haha!

Anyways, that's all I got for ya! I know a few of you are disappointed because I stopped
posting outfits. I'm super sorry, I will try to dig out my camera and snap a few shots
before I leave the house. It's just so bloody cold [Damn you Canada!], that all
I care about is staying warm and not getting frost bite!
I seriously don't understand the cold fronts this year, it was NEVER this cold for the past 8 years! *tear

Love yazz!!


  1. THANK YOU =]

    And that is my sole copy of Lula. I need more.

    I love.
    no, adore.
    Wait! No, worship... LULA!

    I need a subscription stat but not sure how in the States?


  2. Brazilian models are, I think, are the most beautiful. They're all so graceful and just so vibrant.

  3. Bruna is gorgeous, and I love fake is great. I really like all the editorials!

  4. She's about the limit! So beautiful :)

  5. Oh she is beautiful...i love the last pic of her.
    Love the blog as always.

  6. all south americans are beautiful, as are scandanavians. imagine if they got together.

    haha, but on the topic of cold - you know, it's summer and all in the southern hemisphere, but... it's really cold for summer, we've only had one really hot day this season, the rest of have been in high 20s. so this is the coldest in 8 years!

  7. Hello gorgeous girl. I think the first pic looks a bit like you! She is beautiful. I heart Fake too!
    Sabina xx

  8. Heey lover!

    Loving your blog...a lot! <3
    That model is just gorgeous, i saw her before, but never took a close look. Great face she has.

    Seems interesting that website you mentioned, gonna check it out.


  9. She is really beautiful. Her features stand out too.

  10. I love Bruna! She's my 2nd favorite model. :P

  11. i love her! i think she's sooo gorgeous :)


  12. she is so so so perfect looking! i love that last picture of her the most

  13. She looks fabulous in the first picture, I love it.

  14. You're right, she's amazing !
    She has an amazing body, style. and she's beautiful!
    check out my new post


  15. Brazilian models are the most beautiful!

  16. she's very pretty, this is my first time seeing her

  17. She is such a beauty... I'd love to see your outfit posts just don't get cold and take care! :)

  18. the superman dress at the
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  19. indeed.

    i find bruno very exotic and beautiful. and i want the boots she has on in the last picture, OMG!

  20. rockin bangs & great blog! have a lovely night :))

    Jess s

  21. i love bruna too ! i like what she's waering in that last picture.

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