20 October 2008

caught on camera-

I've been singing that Family Guy song in my head for the past 20 mins, gosh darnit! 
I've been tagged by the daily alygator with what I will call

6 random things you always wanted to know about me are
1. I go to bed at 5am every day, and wake up around 1-2 pm.
2. Because of this, I eat breakfast at 2pm, lunch at 6pm, and dinner at 3am. 
3. Needless to say, I'm a night owl. To the maxx.
4. I only wear black eyeliner, and on-the-spot Vichy medicated concealer. Sometimes I'll add mascara, and my YSL lipgloss. But only sometimes.
5. I like wearing really short skirts because they make my legs look a little fuller; since more thigh gets exposed it creates a nice curve.  
6. I hate carrying bags/clutches when I go out dancing, because I tend to get into at least one dance off. Wicked moves just don't have as much of an effect when a bag is swinging off your shoulder, or a clutch hitting you in the face.
 I prefer my cell in one pocket and my money + id in the other. This is a pain when you don't have pockets, which for me, is most of the time.

6 things I'm totally addicted to:
1. Text messaging <3 span="">
2. S'mores ice cream [oh yeah baby!]
3. Butterscotch pudding.
4. Lanvin Jeanne perfume that I bought in France.
5. Facebook.
6. Polyvore sets by lovemejessy!

6 things I'm definitely disliking:
1. My knees, they always swell up after a day/night in heels or platforms.
2. The bruises I get from learning how to break dance.
3. Facebook [It's just so addictive and time-consuming!]
4. Not being able to wear one pair of leggings without tights underneath them, because it's already so chilly here in Toronto.
5. Catching up on all the readings and schoolwork I missed, while I was studying for midterms. Oh uni...
6. The massive shortage of doctors around the world. 

Now onto Belle Chantelle's news:
1. After all these weeks, and multiple auditions, I finally made it onto the competitive team for next month's hip hop competition [O.U.C.H]. I will be in the selected group representing our university at this event. I'm super excited, since this is my second year in this competition, but the road was much tougher this year. 
2. I had a picture from France posted on my Flickr account, and it was chosen as one of the many shots representing Sète on Schmap.
It was the following picture:
It was such a pleasant surprise. It's nothing glamorous or awe-worthy, but I just thought I'd share that with you.
3. My bffl Kat has this finger puppet of a white poodle that she carries with her EVERYWHERE, in her purse obviously, so she can take funny shots with him. Needless to say, Bubbles [the puppet] has been all over Europe and Toronto with us. Alex Gaudino even snapped a picture with him when he was dj-ing at La Dune, in Montpellier, France.
Ladies and gentlemen, I think I have found my counter part to Katia's Bubbles:
Chantelle & Bubbles! <3 span="">

4. I made a new myspace layout [I'm never on it, but it was looking bland]! And I'm super excited over it, because it took me forever to find the codes to get rid of the pre-made junk that was already there. *sigh* So worth it. I tried opening it on my PC but it looked funky, on my Mac it looks fine. If you're bored, go take a lookers because I put up tonnes of cool& quirky  photography!
5. And LASTLY, I ended up buying a pair of boots on This is an incredible feat as I've never purchased anything of this sort online, only textbooks. I hope they fit! Wish me luck! 

Alrighty, I think that is all. I was going to have a post on what I wore today as well, but lo and behold, I looked pretty put-together when I left the house, and I returned looking like a wet monkey. I hate being stuck in the rain with no umbrella, moping about an exam I just finished. 
À plus,


  1. "I go to bed at 5am every day, and walk up around 1-2 pm."

    THAT IS AMAZING!!! what do you do? i love 3am dinners, i wish i lived in a 24 hour city, then i can be out whenever =)

  2. wwoow i love your name, chantelle :)


  3. oh chantelle.
    you're such a beauty.

    i loved finding out these little facts.

    thanks for your beautiful words.

    and ok- you must divuldge what do you do where you go to bed @ 5 ? I wake up at around 6-630am...just after you fall asleep. I can't body would go into shock.

    i hope you're having a fabulous week.

    still can't get over 5am...


  4. I got those boots, too, well the ones with the studded heel. And thanks for the comment. Did you get into tfs yet? :)

    xo/ fashion chalet

  5. This was so fun to read, I hardly know where to begin but let me say this...
    Karl is hysterically fabulous as are your new boots, and congrats on your achievement!
    Happy dances all around, minus the bruises! xoxoxoxox

  6. Awwww awesome stuff you've chosen. Want it all!

  7. woah those boots are hot! and karl lagerfelt! hahah

  8. i'm addicted to facebook and Text messaging too!
    I love the photos that you added.

  9. Hey.

    Thank you for your support! I roughly have $90 out of the $250 it cost. :S

    But I like that photo with the boat!

  10. you're from toronto :D
    im addicted to facebook too and im a nighthawk. I cant believe your schedual its insane but so cool!
    how much was your total gojane purchase i thought about buying from there but the s&h worried me.

  11. the Karl L. is too funny ^_^

    cute myspace layout, myspace isnt as fun as it use to be though. :-/

  12. So great to learn these little things about a fellow blogger - all such great and funny stuff. i checked out your myspace and love all the beautiful pics you've chosen - well worth the effort. Happy dancing

    Sabina (yep..Australia!) x

  13. The Lagerfelt finger puppet is totally cute!

  14. wow 5am! I'm a night person too, but I always go to bed before 2am ( getting up at 7:30am aarghh) Love the karl lagerfeld btw ^-^

  15. the boots are amaing :D

  16. Good luck, I wanted to buy those shoes to but I guess I didn't dare.
    1 more follower

  17. Wow, thanks for the comment, so sweet of you! Still have some tech-work to do on my blog, put hope you found you way.

    I really like your blog too (I put you in my blogroll as well as bloglovin), you have some great outfits ;) I'm in the middle of moving but I wanna start posting outfits as well once I get settled in, hehe.

  18. Great and beautiful post, dear!
    Nice to read some more about you...


  19. Really great and interesting post thanks for that :D

  20. haha Lagerfelt. I love it. Your flickr photo is amazing.

    Hope you're well!

  21. hahaha you sleep at 5am, lol! oh you're too funny. love this post, it's so sweet! you look so good in that black and white pic, i love that sequined top xx

  22. those boots are so good!
    i spyed them before but left it to
    long then the Australian dollar just
    went to a measly low. not cool.
    so i hope they fit! jealous!

  23. OMG the karl felt is SO SO SO SO SO cute!!!!

  24. adore boots, myspace, your chanel bag, bubbles, karl, polyvore and your tag quiz :)

  25. I was thinking about getting those too as a cheaper alternative to the aldo version..Im scared though because they are plastic...cute though...and please..pass on the Lager-felt..I think we would bond quite nicely....;) p.s. you going to the breakfast/ The time was changed which isnt really good for me :( I dont know..but I hope I can still make it for 11am ...we'll C

  26. 5am !?!?! woah... I thought I was bad with 3am.... haha.

    Thanks for the comment, lovely. :)

    xo/ fashion chalet

  27. well, I just found your blog, and I am already in love with it.
    facebook for me is by far my downfall XD I spend way too much time on it.
    lovin it!

  28. love the boots, I almost got them myself, let me know how they fit;) great blog!!

  29. love the boots, I almost got them myself, let me know how they fit;) great blog!!

  30. love the boots, I almost got them myself, let me know how they fit;) great blog!!

  31. wow girl! you are a night owl!

  32. i love your meme!


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