Blugirl by Blumarine

12 August 2008

I just came across Blugirl last night while I was looking into Anna Molinari's line, and I completely fell in love with their AW 08/09  collection. It's completely adorable, wearable, and inspiring. I'm liking how light colours are in for this fall.

Who says you can't wear white after Labour day?


  1. Bonjour! Just discovering your blog, your photos of Paris are fab, make me miss it so bad!!

  2. Nothing's as elegant as a complete white ensemble for autumn!

  3. Winter white is fantastic!
    I adoooooore Blumarine & Blugirl :)

  4. Blugirl's pieces are always so cute and adorable!


  5. good idea! i'll do it (but i don't know when, because my parents don't like remove my rome) i love your blog! :) i like the new collection! x

  6. Meh, not me! Im totally into the whites after labour day....I'll be rockin my white skinnies and boots ;)

  7. blugirl looks good I'll have to check them out on

    glad to hear support for phelps!
    I never really watched swimming before but I may have just turned into a "phelps phan"

  8. i love these outfits, very cute, wintery and cosy looking.

  9. The collection is so elegant and angelic, except for the last three. The knit wear is pretty adorable.

  10. good lord, the third look is to die for !! thanks for this cute post

  11. I am in love with the furred hood. I am a huge fan of wearing light colors in winter.

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  13. The jackets are adorable, especially the big, cosy looking hood!

  14. I love these colors especially the lighter ones. A lot of designers tend to use dark colors during the f/w seasons, so it's nice to see some brighter ones too.

    BTW, would you like to link up with my blog?

  15. oh, i never agreed with that whole "no wearing white after labor day" thing. (: every outfit is love <3

  16. i just added you, i love the pinks in the collection. luckily here in australia we're going into spring. so excited to work summer fashion again!

  17. ah i cant wait for winter

    and yes, hes SUPER cute


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