Guest Post: Different Handbags For Different Occasions

10 January 2013

Are you sick of lugging your big shoulder bag out to nightclubs? Perhaps you’re tired of squeezing your gym clothes into your work satchel? Or maybe you felt a little under-accessorized at a recent formal occasion? These days we find ourselves in such a diverse range of social situations, with each one demanding a new dress code. With each new dress code, chances are you’re also going to be required to accessorise with a different bag.

With this in mind, here is a look at common social scenarios and this season’s best handbags to wear to them:

The movies
If you’re heading to the picture theatre (or similar informal occasions like the shops, lunch with a friend or day trip to London) chances are you’re going to be dressed quite casually. This usually means jeans or a casual dress, and in the summer months shorts or a skirt. A great bag for this level of formality (or lack of) is a tote bag. This over the shoulder style is big, chunky and can fit all of your day to day possessions, be it your car keys, wallet or makeup. These are really popular in a slouched, over-sized style right now, and there’s a huge range of funky bright or traditional colours.

The gym
If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t mix with the other contents of your handbag, it’s your sweaty gym clothes. Keep your running shoes well clear of your sandwich for lunch, by purchasing a gym bag. A style that’s perfect for this is the duffle bag, which is stylish enough for your day to day needs but also deceptively big enough to fit all sorts of clothes and footwear inside.

The formal evening
There is a wide range of different formal styles and appropriate clothing. These might include an awards evening for work, a black tie function or a special occasion such as your wedding anniversary. Either way, you need a bag that reflects just how special the event is, by helping to complement your outfit and really make you stand out. A clutch is perfect for this sort of event, with enough space to carry your necessary items in without interfering with your outfit. Some beautiful styles could include a sequin cluster clutch, or a delicate and feminine satin clutch.

The office
There’s nothing worse than showing up to an important work meeting with crumpled documents. Workbags need to be both practical and stylish, with plenty of storage space for your documents or computer. This could include a brief case or a satchel style handbag. 


  1. I like this short :)


    Coline !

  2. such a sweet outfit!! and i love the fluorescent satchel. xx

  3. Love the last photo, the bag is so cheery and fun-looking!

  4. Love the pale pink satchel in the first shot...DYING over those shorts! Such a sweet winter look- great looks!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  5. Today, women fancy all types of fashion accessories. Celine Handbags are precious items that women love, regardless of the styles and designs

  6. Gotta be honest. I'm not loving that fluorescent bag but maybe it's the outfit that it's being worn with.

  7. I love this purse. I just got it last week and this purse looks like it's worth over $200. It's a great bag and looks elegant and an amazing steal for the price!


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