Mischief in Montréal

Friday, April 29, 2016
Hi friends!
I thought I would share some photos from my recent mini road trip to Montreal. My bf and I drove up from Toronto in April, and explored the city by foot. We got a quaint little spot from airbnb that was in a perfect location. We pretty much walked to all of the destinations on our list, and got a great workout everyday. It was fantastic! I haven't been to Montreal since July 2006 (the summer I did the Explore French immersion program at La Pocatiere, Quebec) - so this visit was long overdue. Time really flies!  
The architecture is some of the most stunning in Canada. It is such a treat for the eyes, and even in the blistering cold, it still managed to take my breath away. Above is the facade of Notre Dame with my bf as a height reference. 
It's not a trip to Montreal without poutine!
My bf finishing all of my left overs... regardez the empty tasse.
This is a cheat photos- ramen from Momofuku in Toronto!

Can't miss a cheesy tourist photo with the Queen!

The most delicious risotto (shrimp risotto) I've ever eaten! Thank you for the instagram suggestion Kate! I was adventurous and ordered the bone marrow dish as well at L'Express, and I've never tasted alien brains before, but I'm pretty sure that's how they would taste. Nothing a little dijon mustard couldn't work its magic on though. Hahaha!

And just to wrap up, a quick photo with this wonderful human being...and these equally wonderful matcha madeleines from Uncle Tetsu! TEEHEE!


Boohoo Review - Petite S/S 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016
Hi everyone!

Hope all is well on your end. It has been a whirlwind of a time since my last post. I matched at top choice program (screaming emoji x 1000), and already got my apartment lease signed for June. I'm prepping for my last rotation, and the big move, but mostly just enjoying fourth year. I spent 4 weeks in Toronto having a good ole time time with all my family and close friends. It has been a well-deserved break! I missed Toronto! I can't wait to start residency, and document my first year in a new hospital, new city, and handling new responsibilities.

Anywho, today I'm chatting about Boohoo Petite sizing. The lovely team at Boohoo USA sent over some pieces for me to try, and I've got my two cents to share with all of you. Now, if you're as scrawny as I am, petite sizing is typically your friend more than regular sizing. I can just get away with the height requirements for Petites in most brands, and Boohoo is luckily one of them. If you're no taller than 5'4" or 5'4.5" then this brand may be for you.

This is US 0/UK 4 Zoe Scoop Neck Maxi in Stone, and it fits wonderfully. With my sandals or flats on, it just skims the ground and requires no hemming. If you're busty, the sizing up top may not work as smoothly/fold-free because of the open back (see below-right). I recommend a bra that dips low or just wearing pasties. The belt that comes with the dress is quite cheap looking, and large even on the smallest hole (image below- left). I added a vintage Coach belt instead, and it makes the dress look higher in quality. I wore this dress so much in Toronto, that I'm going to be purchasing it in multiple colors. It works beautifully in casual and more formal settings, and I can picture myself wearing it endlessly in clinic. This is a double win in my books!

My second piece was a Nicole Slogan Tee in S. Needless to say, it's huge. Even with it all rolled and tucked appropriately, it's actually something I don't believe is worth wearing outside. I'd rather waste less time in the morning doing this, and just put on an appropriately fitting tee. I'm probably going to use this top as sleepwear or to lounge around the house. #realreal

Hope this was helpful! Does anyone have any other Boohoo pieces they'd recommend I check out in the petite section?