Weekly Favorites: Van Gogh and Vaseline

Saturday, February 27, 2016
Hi everyone!

This week has been great because I'm still on a high from last weekend's visit from the bestie. H flew in from Toronto, and created a beautiful itinerary which we [almost] stuck to 100%. It was such a great break from the fiasco of the weekend prior; our furnace broke down in the middle of a snow storm, and I also had emergency oral surgery for my wisdom teeth. My poor parents were visiting me for the weekend and ended up having to take care of a grumpy girl in an ice cube (me). They're troopers, let me tell you. Below I've included everything I'm loving recently, new favorites, and photos from our escapades in Chicago. Enjoy!
Tiny Vaseline tub for the painful cut splitting open the corner of my lip from surgery- worked like a charm // mom's tea biscuit and pudding cake // Actually, mom & dad x 1000 for taking care of me all weekend after surgery. I freaking loving my parents to pieces // makeshift heat packs with rice in a ziploc // motrin // Essie's Armed and Ready // rewatching Baby Daddy episodes because I love Danny // curls // movies, candles & cuddles // snapchat // dutch braids // ad block plus - chrome extension (thank you S, life forever changed)

chicago ice cream
A quick stop for ice cream at Dylan's Candy Bar on Michigan Ave
art chicago
A quick stop at the Art Institute of Chicago
fine art chicago
van gogh
Popping into the Van Gogh exhibit (you can still catch it until May 10)

Running through the city, admiring the gorgeous architecture.
chicago architecture
An evening at Gibson's Steak House. The Lobster Bisque was insanely good (I could only eat soft food), and my companions really enjoyed their meat. It got 5 stars from all of us.
An evening at John Hancock with H and The Boy. The dinner food was "meh", I'd recommend going for Brunch instead. You're really just paying for the view. Don't forget to get good pictures in the girl's restroom - the best view of Chicago, I promise!
Chicago orchestra
An evening enjoying the Chicago Symphony Orchestra after dinner. You can grab student tickets for a discounted price if you have a student ID. 
Chicago blues club
And then finishing out the night at the B.L.U.E.S Club!

Where do you usually take your friends when they visit your city? What are some of your favorite places in Chicago?


Current Favorites - Chai Tea Lattes & Parris Goebel

Tuesday, February 09, 2016
Hi everyone!

Today I'm sharing what I've been loving lately, as well as some interesting links floating around the internet.
taylor tippett
braids * vanilla chai tea from Boathouse (7g of protein!) * 8 min walk to my radiology rotation * bullet journaling * The Great British Bake Off (season 5 & 6 are done!) * weekly food prep * coconut greek yogurt from Chobani * Neutrogena face wipes (after the disastrous experience of bad smelling burts bees wipes that also caused a burning rash on my face [organic/natural stuff is still full of allergens], I had to go back to the derm-recommended Neutrogena. I will never stray again!) * Eos trio by Rachel Roy * deep cleaning my apartment now that I'm officially home * 2 accepted pubs * nutella pocket by Stan's Donuts (you're welcome) * Blagger by Butter London * using my tea set

Work Wear by Net-A-Porter
Do I Regret Plastic Surgery? - Dulce Candy (candid vlog)
Systemic Disease - anonymous accounts of sexism and racism in med school/residency/post-training
Posture Check (I need this) - review here
Trendy backpacks - floral, chain and perforated 
Oldie but a goodie - Royal Family 2015 WOD
(I love this video for 2 reasons: the INSANE choreography [thank you Parris Goebel], and how it really shows the universality of dance. It doesn't matter your age, gender, race, body shape, sexuality, etc- as long as you can work it, dance is beautiful.)

What have all of you been loving lately? 

Great Finds From Current Sales

Wednesday, February 03, 2016
Hi everyone!
I thought I would just put up a few of my favorite sale finds from this week, since the discounts have been crazy. I bought a bunch of stuff recently at Akira (thank you Chicago), and I'm still on shopper's high looking for a few extra items to add to my clinic + spring wardrobe.

Hope you like what I've found, and send me some links to your favorite pieces!


1 - Rebecca Taylor silk jumpsuit // 2- DN Satchel // 3- Sonix iPhone 6 Plus case // 4- Embroided shirt //5 - Joe's Jeans loafers // 6- Studded iPhone 6 case // 7- Spring street horizontal studs // 8- Theory Pants

9- Pixie Market denim jumpsuit// 10 - H&M grey slub t-shirt // 11- F21 Flower collar blouse // 12- Free People flare dress // 13- H&M pointed pumps // 14- striped boat shirt

Life Lately Through My iPhone

Tuesday, February 02, 2016
Hi everyone!
I'm finally done interviews and thought I would share some images and stories from my adventures these past few months.  Needless to say, I'm glad it is over and I don't want to smell the inside of an airplane for a long time.... or wear a suit. But boy was it a fun experience, and I got to meet some amazing people. How is everyone doing this 2016? All your resolutions sticking or have they started to fall by the wayside?

In lovely Minneapolis - definitely a city I could see myself living in. The interviewers and residents there were some of the sweetest people ever.

I had done a research poster presentation in Denver (Oct) and got first place. Woohoo! My award plaque only arrived late November, but I always leave it out on my desk as motivation for when I'm feeling down or fatigued. R- Ramen at Wasabi in Chicago. I was finally able to squeeze in a night to see a good friend from med school between both of us interviewing. I just love catching up with people who are as excited and enthusiastic as I am. Haha!

Obligatory hotel shot (I have one from every interview save 2 on my cell. I had to send it to my mom so she could 1 - judge, 2- be finally relieved that I'm safe) I also snuck home for a weekend to see the family, and relax with my dad & I's favorite tradition: snacks and movies!

This was the view from my hotel window into the pool 'courtyard'. At first I loved it, then I got the earful of screaming children and loud splashes for 3 hours. No thank you.

At one point I caught a cold, and decided drowning myself in pho (with extra jalapeƱos) was the best remedy. By day 3 I was back in action!

Obligatory airplane shot. On the R is The Boy's Goat Almighty burger from The Little Goat Diner. I had friends from Toronto come to the city for a visit, and a big dinner was in order!

Macy's Christmas Windows!

This evening, The Boy and I went to Christkindlemarket as is our annual tradition. However, it was so warm out that the crowds at the market were suffocating and long. We decided to make our way to Eataly since we had yet to visit, and we heard the nutella bar was delish. On our walk, we caught sight of this gorgeous pastel pink old school car in front of a "fi-fi" hotel. Anywho, Eataly was awesome, Nutella bar was okay. I was more taken aback by the fresh meats and fish, and the international supply of canned tomatoes. Man I love tomatoes!!

This is how foggy it was that night. CRAZY!

And off I went again, this time to Cleveland. I got a hotel at the Hyatt Regency downtown, and they had by far one of the best mattresses ever.

There was a huge arcade inside.

And then I snuck off to grab some lunch. As I wandered around, starving, I came across Dave's Cosmic Subs and decided to check it out. Quite possibly one of the best subs I've ever eaten. What a freakin' treat!

After a few more interviews, I finally made my way home. I got to Toronto in the knick of time to catch my birthday (by 1/2 hour- I spent the whole day in airports on damn layovers). Then after break I was back in the air for my next set of interviews. Catching a plane with all the empty seats beside you = golden. I slept like a baby.

Then I made my way to Indiana and ended up meeting the best resident couple EVER. I think they were some of my favorite people during this interview trail. So happy!

A few flights later, I was in Newark. I got delayed 8 hours, and missed my connecting flight to Chicago. This was a crazy night. I ended up 31 hours behind security lines across 3 airports. Thank goodness I had a blanket scarf, and no checked baggage!

St Louis and Buffalo


My hair blending into the fur in my hood, making me look like a lion when I'm bearing the cold. A sweet look after leaving research. R - the excited pre-marriage photo! The Boy and I joined S&D for their city hall ceremony, and then filled ourselves to the top for brunch!

On the upper east side for one of my last interviews. I stayed at The Franklin, due to its proximity to the hospital, and I absolutely adored how quaint and elegant it was.

DONE!!! Now time for wine, and making the rank list.