A Fall Michigan Wedding

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Hi everyone!
I thought I would share some of my DSLR and iPhone pictures from The Boy's sister's wedding. We had such a fun time falling into the beachy feel of this small town on Lake Michigan. The sky was gorgeous that day and made a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony. This was the first time I met most of The Boy's extended family, and I loved it! Enjoy and see you on the flipside!

Seafood pasta for the rehearsal dinner

The stunning Lake Michigan in early fall
Make-up prep done! 
Quirky photobooth photos of The Boy and I - This was my favorite part of  the reception, after the dancefloor of course. >.<

What is your favorite part of weddings?! For Portuguese receptions, I love the midnight seafood and sweets buffet table. You have to roll everyone out of the hall at 3am from over eating!