Firmoo Review: Glasses for Small Faces

Thursday, October 29, 2015

6 hours into Step 2CK studying one evening last month. Glasses holding strong.

Hi everyone,

Today I'm reviewing a pair of prescription glasses I got sent from Firmoo a few weeks ago. I was in contact with them several times before I decided on a pair, because I ALWAYS have problems finding specs that fit my face. My head is small (like me) and glasses are typically too wide or big, hence making me look child-like or they fall off my face. Luckily, I took the team's advice and measured several of my old pairs before choosing from their suggested set of glasses for narrow faces. Mine have cute orange tips on the end, and the frames are half black half transparent. I've been wearing them weekly, and love them! The prescription is on point, I had to get my Illinois licence today and they helped me pass the vision test. Phew!
I can't find the exact pair anymore because they consistently update their stock. Here is a category with similar styles. Here is the daily new stock, and 15% off your first order!
Just an aside, look at this insane plant growing out the side of my coral cactus. Crazy!

What do you all think!? 


Disclaimer: Opinions are all my own. I was not paid for this post, but I was offered the glasses. I worse them for almost a month, and have written my honest take on their fit and quality.

Pretty Cases for the iPhone 6S

Sunday, October 04, 2015
Hey everyone,

I thought I would make a collage of my fave cases for the newest iPhone. I picked one up unexpectedly after my iPhone 5 died on me a few hours before my flight to Denver (more on that city later). I picked up CaseMate's glitter case while at T-Mobile, and I am loving it. For more cute covers see below. Enjoy!