Joules Rainboots - A Review

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hiya everyone!

I thought I'd pop in here and tell you about a product I received last month to test out in the winter. They're my rubber booties from England, and they're quite charming. I had the opportunity to wear them out on a few chilly days, and some snowy ones. I'd definitely err on the side of chilly and rainy, as the material doesn't lend itself as well to retaining heat when trudging through snow. I'm also worried about the design getting ruined with all the salt we have on the streets. Speaking of design, there are some fabulous ones to choose from on their website (check it out here Joules). They change every season, and each one is cuter than the next. For those of you who have scrawny little legs, like moi, the leg opening of the boot is quite large. I still haven't found leg warmers that I feel compliment the boot, but they would help take up some of the gaping space. Nevertheless, they are beautiful!

The skinny leg struggle is real...


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