Under 30 Pick-Me Ups

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Since it has been a gloomy start to the year, I thought I'd put a little self-love gift guide together! It won't break the bank (aka guilt-free), and might pop a little funk in your step til the sun & warmth return. Consider it a personal Valentine's gift. ^-^



P.S. Reading week is coming up, and I'm so excited. Only one more test to go!! 
P.P.S. I had only a short of amount of time to put this together, and I seem to have lost the vibrancy of the original colors and murked the background. Any help as to why is appreciated!
3 comments on "Under 30 Pick-Me Ups"
  1. Happy Valentine's day! I really love that pink midi skirt.

  2. such a cute post, love the drop earrings!



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