Things I'm Loving Lately

Friday, January 31, 2014
Hola everybody!
I've been ferociously searching my noggin' for original content to blog about... and what I realized I really needed to do was take a look around me. Today I'm letting you in on recent finds that have brought a little spunk to my monotonous daily routine. Study - eat - study - eat- study - sleep - repeat. I love it, though!

P.S. As many of you know, the second half of MS2 year in American medical schools involves preparing for the USMLE Step 1. Unfortunately, that also means I will be posting less often than I regularly do until the end of June. To keep updated & chat with me regularly, follow me on twitter & instagram
+ My Erin Condren planner has been a great tool to keep me on track for studying. I do not use the scheduled daily breakdowns, and instead appropriate them to To-Do/Important events/Journal. There's even space to pop in your daily food prep or exercise, as well as a weekly 'goals' section. 
+ I love dressing up professionally for clinics & patient exams, however it is incredibly hard to find fashionable yet figure-flattering pieces. My outfit above is the best back-up, and each piece was bought at a different place.
+ I picked up a few goodies at H&M's Home section online. New pillow covers & a striped duvet cover set - the apartment is ready for spring! 


Recipes That Worked: Breakfast & Dinner

Monday, January 27, 2014
Hi lovelies!

I can't believe the highlight of my weekend is trying new recipes. Am I getting that old? I'm convinced I have the last laugh, since I end up with food high, knowledge & no hangover. (Unless you add wine, then maybe a little hangover). The following dishes were made over the course of two weekends.
Sit down, grab a cup of tea & a notebook. This is a doozy of a post! Proscuitto & Parmesan Scramble - The Londoner
This is the only way I'm going to make scrambled eggs from now on. If you're wondering how the restos make them so creamy and lovely, it's all in Rosie's post. The Boy was floored that we could get them so good.
Lovely to snack on during studying, in class, or just to have in your bag. I wasn't able to get it that nice compact consistency that she did, but I can work on it. 

French Toast - The Boy's Recipe 
I can write this up for those who are interested. I was never a fan of french toast because I found it too spongy and soggy. When The Boy made me his version, I was sold. 

One Pot Pasta - The Londoner
I loved this dish, and it literally only took 20 mins to do! Faster if you're a quick veggie chopper. I enjoy this version more than Martha Stewart's, because it uses vegetable broth instead of water. It ends up with such a surprisingly creamy taste! Yum!
 Creamy Tomato & Spinach Pasta - Budget Bytes
OMG - that is all. New favourite dish; it's almost like a vegetarian + quicker version of penne a la vodka! And you know how much I love the latter. I could roll around in it. *I used my new rotini, which is 40% vegetables. 

No-Fry Fries- Gwyneth Paltrow
These end up like gourmet fries I've eaten in Wicker Park. They're so delicious and a great trick to have up your sleeve. Especially, since they're not FRIED. Booya! 

That is all. I hope you'll try some of these dishes, since they've been tested out by yours truly & given an A+.
Now I'm going to curl up on my couch, watch a movie & plan out next weekend's recipes. ^-^


5 Reasons Why Black is Back {Guest Post}

Sunday, January 12, 2014
Hi everyone! Here's another guest post for you while I'm getting back into the grind of school. Cheers, C!
There are so many ways to create a stunning and simple wardrobe, but few people really take time to appreciate the simpler options. For example, some patterned clothing is nice to wear, but patterns are harder to match than plain-colored garments. Colors can even be hard to match because there are so many different shades of each. Just because your clothing is in two shades of green doesn't mean they go well together. This is why black is back. There was once a time not so long ago that black was viewed in a negative light. It reminded people of mourning or goth. Women chased only brilliant or soft colors. The beauty and subtlety was forgotten as an accent.

But here are five reasons why black is back:

          5. Gray Matter
Black is a versatile color. It matches just about every other color out there, unlike white. Often forgotten in the quest for a stunning wardrobe is the fact that gray matters. No other color accentuates gray quite like black. When done in proper combination, the two often can create a classy, stunning look. Every shade of gray out there compliments black: gray coat, black hat, black gloves; gray sweater, black pants, black boots. There are so many combinations out there that nothing has to be done twice!

4. Create a Professional Look
There is no doubt that black is a great color for the classic professional look. It's easy to dress for success with just a few black pants, suits, and skirts. The best part is that with the proper accessories, you can mix and match black to create a variety of stunning professional ensembles.
3. Shoes and Accessories
Nothing is more important for pulling a look together than shoes and accessories. Black is a versatile color that goes well with almost any outfit. Invest in a pair of heeled black boots and cute high heeled dress shoes so that whether your outing is casual or classy, you have the right footwear for the job. A black clutch purse for fancy events and a black shoulder bag for day trips helps bring everything together.

2. Jewelry as Accessories
No ensemble is complete without the right jewelry to bring it all together. There are various styles of fashion necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to add your own personality and touch to the clothing. Black gold rings with black diamonds are the new vogue. Celebrities invest in black diamonds instead of the traditional ones because of their unique color and the mystery it adds to the look. Black jewelry can subtly accentuate a black outfit, or it can stand out against bright colors. Put black jewelry with bright colors and it stands out boldly and beautifully.

1. Enhance Bold Colors
There is nothing wrong with having bright colors in your wardrobe. Keep the colors plain and patternless, and find ways to accentuate those bold statements. Pink, purple, red, lighter shades of blue, and green are all great compliments to black. For example, a pink dress with a black sash at the waist and gold and black jewelry, paired with black heels, makes for a stunning day dress. With the New Year here, don't let your wardrobe fall flat. Add a splash of black to create a look that is both stunning and versatile. And ladies, let's not forget that black is thinning!

Images from pinterest.

Starting 2014 On The Right Foot

Friday, January 03, 2014
I've been compiling informative, and thought-provoking articles for the past couple weeks so I can share them with all of you for 2014. A new year is like a fresh start, a way of breaking apart time periods in your life. The pieces below can help set you on track with fresh goals and resolutions, or they can make you contemplate the life you're leading - is this the direction I want to go? What can I change? Let me reward myself for my accomplishments. What can I do to help others?

The Way of No Debt

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person

Staying Organized AND HAPPY - My Personal Favorite Combo Planners & Journals in 2018
The Happiness Planner
The 5 Minute Journal

Image sources: a//craig garner//c

Happy 2014!


PS. I'm reviewing this in 2018, and the message still stays the same. Focus and work hard on attaining your goals. Life is too short for 'what if' moments. You deserve that dream life, now put in the time!