Productivity: Sources For Staying On Track

Monday, October 28, 2013

Being laser-focused and completing 5 million tasks a day is hard. I get it, we all get it. It sucks. Sometimes, however, it's only our planning that needs a little tweaking to get us on the road to successful productivity. Here I've compiled a few links to help you on your way, plus a mini-list of what I find works for me. My methods aren't perfect, but I manage to get better and better every year.

Chantelle's List for Productivity
- Calendar
- List of all the tasks I need to complete (academic/personal)
- A smaller daily list tackling the above into a realistic schedule
- Sometimes, a 20-25 minute timer to see how much I can get done in one shot.
- If my brain is working super slow, I get up and eat something. Then I watch a tv show/movie/ youtube for 10-20 minutes. Don't convince yourself that the brain is perpetually in need of a break, that's called procrastination.
- Put a up a picture or an article of someone you admire; look at it whenever you feel like you've hit a wall & need motivation. Admiration works better than envy.

- 5 truths that will make running your business & your life instantly easier
- Secret formula for getting things done and avoiding internet distractions
- Bullish: A Day in the Life (love it!)
- Organization & Time Management by Little bit of Lacquer
- Affects of stress on brains of medical students - DIT (aka stress = less productivity for everyone!)
- Stayfocused app based on Pomodoro Technique
- 3 tricks for staying focused - [p.s. if you're not working, then treat studying like a job]
- 13 ways to beat distraction and stay focused - TIME
- Healthy foods that boost productivity
- Printable lists: daily agenda, my daily six (week version), colorful to-do lists

Good luck!


Images: a & b (tumblr), c (here)

Apple Picking & Corn Maze Exploring

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Here are a few pictures from the prerequisite fall activity: apple-picking. If you recall, last year I also went out to grab me some nature food. This year we hit up All Season Orchard, and I even got some apple cinnamon doughnuts to bring home. On the way to the farm we stopped by the farmer's market in Crystal Lake, and bought some fresh corn + a little pumpkin. I couldn't believe how cheap the prices were; I'm hoping to catch another farmer's market in the near future (and closer to my little abode) in order to stock up on fresh veggies grown locally. Enjoy!

What were you up to this weekend?
Any fun plans for Halloween?


What I'm Loving Lately

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Boy has it been a crazy couple weeks. Tons and tons of studying, more studying to come, and plans for the weekends. Hallelujah for vacations while we're at it! Also, I think it should be illegal to have an exam the day after a long weekend. Way to spoil the fun. -_-

Here are some beautiful things I'm loving lately in life:

Rose candles that fill my entire apartment with scent - the feeling of fall & anticipation for winter festivities - indulging my eyes at mariannan's blog during study breaks (so glad she decided to increase her number of posts per week) - wearing my new zara anorak; I need to snap a pic whilst wearing it - apple picking with The Boy - eating melted goat cheese with honey & fruits while watching scary movies - red nails - witnessing a pipe burst while grocery shopping (scary, but chuckle-worthy when you look back on it) - hot showers - hair that cooperates - ice cream sandwiches - feeling like I have a fresh start every three weeks - my humidifier - a pair of miu miu oxford pumps my mom tried on at Nordstrom - eating grapes

And that has been my life lately!
What's going on on your end? 


Guest Post: Keeping Warm - Fall & Winter Coats

Friday, October 11, 2013
Hey everybody!
 I have a great guest post today talking about my favourite "cold weather" piece = The COAT. I've been living in my Zara anorak since I bought it last month, so I'm totally partial to the parka styles shown below. One can't have too many coats, right? Hehe... 
Anywho, take a peak and tell me which ones are your faves!

As the cold weather slowly dawns upon us we’ve arrived at that time of year when a flimsy cardy just won’t do. Now is the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the game and start thinking about that trusty winter coat. Finding a coat which will keep you cosy without sacrificing style can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, so here’s a selection of fabulously fashionable and functional jackets that won’t let you down.

The Military Parade Parka Coat by French Connection fuses army inspired fashion with key features to keep you warm in the winter weather. A classic khaki parka has been teamed with black faux leather sleeves and a faux fur trim on the hood for an ultimately stylish and feminine feel. As well as looking great, the Military Parade Parka includes a removable quilted gilet for extra warmth on chillier days.

In a gorgeous deep plum colour with dark faux leather trims, the Ichi Tatja Parka Jacket boasts one of fashions favourite winter tones. The long length and adjustable hood provide excellent shelter from cold winds whilst the super soft Sherpa lining and quilting keeps you snug in style.

A turn-to for an effortless on-trend look, camo print is perfect for contemporary casual styling throughout the year. The lightly padded Billabong Middelton Jacket is ideal for those milder autumn days and features a fully adjustable hood for even more protection and ample pockets to store all of your essentials.

The Roxy City College Jacket is just right for everyday wear with simplicity and style. The silver/grey cotton fabric will complement pretty much every item in your clothing collection. Wear this jacket alone for lightweight warmth on milder days or together with the removable, quilted lining with jersey hood for additional warmth when needed.

The Minkpink Ambush Coat shows off all of our favourite animal prints in one wildy wonderful creation. With a cosy, shaggy fur lined hood and a soft jersey lining, the Ambush Coat will keep you incredibly comfortable in winter ready safari chic.

With an explosion of Native American style prints this season, the Navajo inspired Element Helena Jacket is worthy of a place in any modern woman’s wardrobe. Aside from its pattern perfect appearance, this jacket features a Sherpa lined hood for cosy comfort and soft shelter.
Now there’s no excuse for choosing substance over style, you can have both with any of the fantastic jackets featured above.

Natalie Gale is an online content writer for Surfdome specialise in the latest fashions and best equipment for extreme sports such as skating, surfing and snowboarding

Fall Fashion: A Mini-Haul

Saturday, October 05, 2013
I rarely do these posts, but since I JUST bought the items and I'm obsessed with how cute + warm they are... I had to share everything so you could get your hands on them too whilst they're still in stores. Cheerio!

Fuzzy wuzzy quilted military green anorak = it's heaven. And you can remove the lining inside to wear it during spring, or warm fall days. I'm hoping to transition it straight into winter if it doesn't get too cold! - Zara

For those of you with skinny legs, and a hard time finding boots without ridiculously huge leg openings.. I give you.. the American Rag bunker boots (only took me 2 years to find, and hours of window shopping/trying on shoes. These were so cheap, I couldn't believe it).

1. Long knit sweater, which I also showed on my instragram a few days ago. 2. Flannel shirt, a trend I took 3 years to try - it's super comfy, and in black & white checkered rather than plaid as to not clash with all my clothes. - Forever 21 A = sweater (I can't find the flannel top on their website).
Happy Shopping! 
Tell me some of the great finds you've gotten recently, and add the link in the comments as well.