Chantelle's 5 Random Facts

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
1. I am such a homebody. Reading a book, watching a movie while drinking tea, catching up on my fave blogs, painting my nails, studying... all things I adore doing, and involve a general level of quiet in the house.
2. Until I was 15, I bounced between medicine and forensic science as my future career. The latter was taking the lead until I found out I would have to specialize in one area, and do it for the rest of my life - mostly alone in a lab. I don't like labs (unless it's anatomy!), and I really wanted a job where I communicated with many people. There's so much gratification in making others feel better physically and/or emotionally. (I want my work life the exact opposite of my private life. Loud and boisterous!)

3. I love dancing! I did ballet ballet for over 10 years, and hip hop for 6 years. I really miss it now that I'm entrenched in medical school, but I still get a great fix watching beautiful dancers on youtube. I can't wait until my life and schedule settle to a point where I can get back on a regular dance schedule.
4. I make this super awesome tea that fellow ladies and gents with a sweet tooth love. Since I don't drink coffee, this deceiving thing is what's usually in my mug. Heehee! [I know I have to start drinking coffee soon, since M3's say it's the only way to survive rotations. Womp!] --> Sugar Fairy Tea: Hot water, tea of choice (best with green tea, english breakfast tea, or orange pekoe), sugar/honey (I prefer brown sugar), and french vanilla creamer (powder form)! That damn thing is amazing, and it makes my tea heavenly! It's not healthy, so I only have it a few times a week. I'm sure a bunch of you do this vanilla powder trick, I'm not reinventing the wheel here!

5. Since I moved to Chicago, I've bought the September issue of Vogue to mark the years I'm away from home. I incorporate the magazines into my decor, and will be saving this particular stack for myself & future offspring/young family members to flip through decades from now. I'm pretty sure they'll have a good laugh!
Prepping and studying away for my new quarter! 
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What To Snag On Sale: Fall Transition Pieces

Thursday, August 15, 2013
I figured there would be some great pieces that you could wear right into the chillier seasons on the year. My closet tends to be pretty transitional, with most pieces getting wear all year round (save my summer skirts/dresses, winter parka, and boots).  This means you have lots of options! Without further ado, here are some pieces to snap up.


I apologize for the lack of posts. I'm back in the grind of second year med school! 


{Guest Post} Dress for Success: The New Power Dressing

Friday, August 02, 2013

For some people power dressing conjures up an image of shoulder pads, dowdy suits and mannish footwear. But women trying to get ahead at work need not dress like their male counterparts in order to be taken seriously and get noticed. These days you can command respect with your image and remain stylish and ladylike at the same time, you just need to know what to wear. Whether for an interview, or for wearing day-to-day, your wardrobe can help you on your way to that dream role.

Dressing for success involves projecting an image of where you want to be, not necessarily where you are at right now. But without the salary to match your aspirations this can be quite a challenge. There are many ways you can get the look of success without the bank balance that goes with it, by shopping savvy, having a good capsule wardrobe and knowing how to accessorize. George at Asda is a fab place to find great quality work wear that combines fashion, professionalism and value for money.

The dress

If you know how to wear them you only need a couple of work dresses in your work wear collection. Try getting a few colours of plain dresses and accessorizing to make them look like a different outfit each time. Add a statement dress to mix things up a little, and throw it on when you want to be a little less conservative. Go for classic knee length dresses that can be worn in the winter with tights, or in the summer with bare legs, without looking too daring. Check out George range of work dresses for some inspiration and start building the foundations of your power-dressing wardrobe today.

The shoes

If you can wear heels, then definitely go for it, as these are the ultimate in dressing for success. Find a pair that are super comfortable, as you will be spending a lot of time in them. You really only need a couple of pairs of shoes specifically for work, so make sure they match the colour palate of your wardrobe. In the summer when your feet swell and it’s just too hot, or if you just can’t walk in anything higher than trainers then go for some stylish flats in a neutral tone so they go with everything. A little embellishment, like a bow or some sparkle, is great as it adds character to your outfit and a dash of style to a classic look.

The suit

Whether it’s for an interview, or a big meeting, at some point you will need to wear a suit. Work with your body shape and don’t try to cover up feminine curves with a boxy suit jacket and ill-fitting skirt of trousers. Go for fitted separates or don a jacket with a smart dress for the ultimate in businesswoman chic.

Once you have collected your wardrobe staples you can start mixing things up with necklaces, scarves and bags. You can add colour to a neutral outfit using accessories for when you want to get noticed, and go for classic alternatives when you need to be taken seriously. Have fun with your work wardrobe; after all it’s what you will be wearing for the majority of the week.

*images from pinterest