My Summer Essentials: Canvas Totes

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Louis Vuitton 2011 collection

I find that every summer, I have to pull out my large totes to lug around some warm weather necessities. I typically work/volunteer, and a tote provides me with enough room to carry notebooks, paper, laptop/ipad, a water bottle, snacks, wallet + cell + keys, and a scarf for intense air conditioning. Quite rarely do I pull out a nice structured leather bag come June, because I find them extremely heavy! And they make you sweaty from the strenuous work-out. Yuck! Canvas totes are my favourite, and I tend to go back to them every year, hunting down the lightest bag I can find around the house. Last spring I bought myself one with an anatomical skull design, as a link to my love for skulls & medicine. It was a hit in class, and I loved that it was casual and non-fussy. I've decided to round up a collection of my faves for you to own and love as well, because they are my life savers. (They can also be easily rolled up into your purse/backpack, and be used for groceries or library books when needed. Awesome!)

Lovely tote from Strawfoot. Featured in GQ here.

What are your summer life-savers?
How many of you are also carrying a heavy load to & from school/work this season?

10 comments on "My Summer Essentials: Canvas Totes"
  1. Sooooo I googled that tote and I really am tempted to buy it! it's so insanely cool!
    I love totes but my books are so heavy that it kills my back so I have to use a backpack :(

  2. Amazing colletion! I love those all! <3

  3. This tote bags is lovely. I also like tote bags due to their room space. It helps me to carry all my daily stuffs.

  4. The tote is amazing. I ordered one and am excited to receive one in the mail.


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