International Clinics - Rotating in Style

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hey everyone,

I'm alive and kicking in Portugal for my international clinic rotations. I had my first session today, and absolutely adored it. The week was off to a rough start when I arrived, thanks to a bought of gastroenteritis, but now I'm on the path to recovery. Last month I found this photo on tumblr and absolutely fell in love with the outfit; it's definitely something I see myself wearing. Quirky prep is my comfortable fashion spot (sometimes). I'll be updating as much as possible throughout the next couple weeks, but hopefully I'll be swamped in new, unusual experiences that make me feel awkward. Those are the ones you remember forever!  

What are your plans for the summer?! 


P.S. Give it to Europeans to make me feel off my fashion game and give me the urge to shop like crazy. MUST RESIST. 

Decorating & Organizing A Rental Apartment

Saturday, May 18, 2013
Hey everyone!
I'm back in action, and lazing around in my comfy Toronto bed. It's so good to be in my home city again, and most importantly being with my family. I hadn't seen mum & dad in two months - way too long! [I'm convincing myself that Toronto was so excited to have me back that it did the harlem shake, but it was just a mini-earthquake.]
Anyway, I wanted to share a ton of links and videos I enjoyed and/or used over the past year to help me spruce up my apartment. They're all quite affordable, since I kept in mind that most of us are students, or fresh graduates. As many of you may know, living in a rental has certain limitations. Always speak to your landlord before undergoing a major alteration project; he/she has final say and may charge you for damage when you leave. Now let's jump right in!

1. I own this EKTORP couch in black. It's a sofabed, so you have room for guests in a small apartment, and it's also very comfy (I study there A LOT). The kicker is the interchangeable slip covers; it really alters the look of a room and you can adjust it every season!
2. Wall decals: they're easily removable for when you leave, and they add a pretty quirk to any room. I have birds in the living room, and plan to add a chalk board to my kitchen when I get back.
3. Because I've chosen NOT to paint the walls, I have to bring in brights through art work and decor. Urban Outfitters has really beautiful bedding, as does Anthropologie (albeit expensive for a student). I suggest waiting until your favorite designs go on sale, and snapping a duvet cover. The sheets and pillow can be simple, and one can slowly invest in those at a later time.
4. I have carpet, and obviously I detest it. If you're like me, cover up that hideous thing with funky rugs (link 2).
5. Bright yellow floating bookcase; it's small and can be moved from apartment to apartment.
6. Apartment Therapy's series on rental apartment decor: Renter's Solutions. [I spend hours looking through these!]
7. Alejandra's Youtube: How to organize a small bathroom, home office/gadget organization, how to organize your fridge, etc. She has really really amazing tips and tricks, and if you're a neat freak that wants to maximize apartment space, check out her videos.
8. The Container Store: Great stuff for dividing up your linen closet. I have to keep a lot of extra home pieces in there, including school books and binders. Love it!
9. The Shower: tips on keeping it organized, and my own personal suggestion = get a fun shower curtain & bathroom rugs to distract from the bland color and tile.
10. Keep your ish clean! Mostly as a way to help you stay healthy. Less dust, less crust, and more fresh air!

Talk to ya'll later!


Mini Blog-Break

Monday, May 06, 2013

image: annawithlove

Hi everyone,
I thought I'd post a little update. I'm finishing up the last two weeks of my first year of medical school, and will be taking a blogging break 'til I'm back in Toronto. I'll be studying, preparing for presentations, going to meetings, finalizing leases, making post-dated checks, packing an entire season's worth of clothes to take home, and spending as much time with The Boy as possible. I hope you're all doing well, and you can still catch some updates on my twitter/instagram