A Lazy Girl's Guide to Denim

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today I'm going to broach a subject that has confounded me for a while. I get frequently asked how I have time to dress up for class (and work, in the summer) and I'm always floored by the assumption that it takes long. Before I go to bed, I check the weather (10 seconds max), walk to my closet already thinking of a temperature-appropriate outfit (5 seconds), and then I pull out the garments (15-20 seconds). The longest this procedure has ever taken me is 1.5 minutes; I know what's in my wardrobe and hence can create a look very quickly. It's pretty simple. And putting on clothes in the morning takes less than 1 minute!

 I've tried to figure out why people think dressing up takes forever and then some. And... I've come to the conclusion that most consumers buy pieces that are fashionable, but uncomfortable. Or comfortable, but unflattering. It's so easy to look put together and on your A-game when your closet is full of clothing that flatters your body shape, doesn't itch/constrict/ride-up, and pairs well with everything else. In reality, this is a super lazy way to always look good and feel good. So I've decided to put together a list of requirements I have for denim, a closet staple that makes my legs look good, and goes well with all my tops.
Chantelle's Denim Requirements
1. The material needs to be soft, and stretchy. This is my #1 rule, and the one that creates the biggest "no-no" pile in the dressing room. 
2. Ask the sales associates how much the jeans stretch out, especially around the bum area. Wrinkly bum denim is nobody's favorite.
3. Don't repeat denim washes, colors, or patterns. Unless they're in different cuts (ie/ flares vs. skinny vs. wide)
4. Pick a fit that flatters. I'm skinny so coincidentally skinny jeans work wonders on me.
5. Move in the positions you frequently assume. I scrunch into a little ball on a chair while I study, that's why I need good stretch, and material that doesn't bunch behind my knees and cut my circulation.
6. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you feel good? Great. Now how many tops can coordinate well with these jeans? All of them. Awesome. [I have a collection of white blouses that go with everything, and most of my jeans are simple washes that don't clash with my patterned pieces anyway. See how easy this is!? ZOMG.]

A recent addition to my comfy jeans collection: ASOS Ridley Supersoft Jeans
{Other brand styles I love in any color: 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere, Mavi Jeans Serena. Check these out on ShopBop in the USA & Trilogy Stores in the UK. Denim Forever!}
Any other ideas for a Lazy Girl's Guide? 


Things I Love Thursday

Friday, April 26, 2013
Facetiming with my parents for the first time (they bought an iPad & are so excited!) * spending time with The Boy and cooking up a storm * my new running shoes * the slightly warmer spring weather * fun med school mixer with the M1-M4's * getting to dress up twice in 6 days * spending hours watching routines from last season's 'So You Think You Can Dance' - ughhhmazeeballz * spontaneous gorge-fest on Potbelly's & iHop - only homemade food for the next couple weeks to keep healthy! * watching torrential rains in Illinois * pink sunsets * rocker chic girls throughout the seasons * addicted to the Larsson trilogy, holy shizzz! 

images from: victoria

Inspired by 2013 Bags: Pastels & Neons in Decor

Sunday, April 21, 2013
Hello, everyone!
     I'm so happy to be here at Belle Chantelle with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog. It's a great place to find lots of interior design inspiration including beautiful home decor ideas from brilliantly colored decorative pillows to lovely modern pendant lighting and much more. Chantelle inspired today's topic with her post on pastel and neon bags for spring 2013. The colors she included are also pretty when used in interior spaces. From the palest of pinks to a brilliant neon chartreuse, we love these happy hues for fashion and decor. Please enjoy! Thanks for letting me stop by for a visit. ~ Mari Neons and Pastels An all-white contemporary living room with low profile furniture and a shaggy white rug on the floor goes soft and feminine with buttery yellow on one wall and a tiny patterned pink and green wallpaper on another. The array of pastels in this space range from pale pink on the sofa pillows to the edge of neon in the glass accessories on the table. Neons and Pastels Neon oranges and pinks bring a lively vibe to this black and white bedroom. Ornate crystal mini pendant lights hung above orange lamps on the bedside tables are an unexpected double lighting choice that works well. Neons and Pastels Oh the possibilities! We're seeing tons of colorful chairs around the Internet world right now. Choose just one for a single pop of color in white room or four in a rainbow of colors to brighten up a breakfast nook. Neons and Pastels Pale blues and pinks in solids, strips and pretty patterns are combined to create an eclectic feminine living room. I love the empty matted frames that draw the eye to individual bird motifs in the wallpaper. Neons and Pastels From walls to woodwork, this Scandinavian room is pretty in pastels. Green, mint, lilac and cream wishbone chairs add to the pale mix. Black modern pendant lights are not the usual lighting fixtures for over the table in a pastel room. Neons and Pastels This would be a lovely way to bring a bit of farmhouse to a city apartment. I love the yellow free-standing soaking tub with its glam ornate silver claw feet. Neons and Pastels Neon pink is stunning in this modern space. The bright hue pops against the writing desk and gray upholstered wall with nailhead detailing. Neons and Pastels A contemporary family room goes colorful with neon furnishings, artwork and accessories. Glossy lime green tub chairs with white upholstered interiors get even more colorful with the addition of decorative pillows. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
 What do you think of these pastel and neon designs?
 Let us know your thoughts and be sure to stop by our blog for more home decor, lighting, and interior inspirations!

Pretty Etsy Finds

Thursday, April 18, 2013
A while back, I used to make posts chockfull of Etsy accounts that had beautiful handmade jewelry, or clothing. But, with the workload in school increasing, and my ever so frequent blog-reading binges, I completely forgot about Etsy. I KNOW! I know. [I remember reading an article stating that social media and blog over-saturation was making everyone less creative. Sometimes I have to agree, if only to confirm that SM and blogs take up time that could probably be better devoted brainstorming quirky, original blog posts.] Nonetheless, I've got some sweet eye candy for you! Scroll down to the bottom to catch this week's Things I Love Thursday.

Lovely Lola's (vintage clothes)

.....And before I leave you, here's my Things I Love Thursday post for the week:
* pink flowers * Black Knight by ButterLondon * homemade vegetarian pizza * hanging some pretty pictures in my room * fluffy duvets * clay face masks * Anatomical dissections of animals at the Museum of Industry and Science * the set of Melancholia * discovering chocolate chip cookies with Reese's Pieces * Gorging on indian food * Running my first 5k after only running 7 times - debating how great an idea that was considering my knee retaliated oops! * watching movies and eating green tea ice cream * gratitude lists


Dressing For A Cold Front

Monday, April 15, 2013

leather jacket - Danier // sweater - Madewell // wool skinnies - Wilfred // ballet flats - Bloch

Snapped these shots before I left my apartment for another histology lab last week. I thought I'd let you in on my "cold spring" uniform for school & studying: skinnies, leather jacket, and ballet flats. It has been raining quite consistently these past few weeks, and I've considered investing in rain boots, but I've had terrible luck with them for years.
Do you know of any rain boots for my skinny legs/calves?
I'd be forever grateful. Now I'm off to finish up another chapter of "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". I cannot believe I waited this long to read it, especially since I was IN LOVE with both the Swedish and American versions of the film. So good!
pretty pink daisies and flowers

Spring Items For Under $50: A Pick-Me-Up Edition

Friday, April 12, 2013
budget friendly spring fashion and accessories 2013
Hi everyone, 
I've decided to compile a few fun, affordable spring pieces that will help us get through this dreary winterish-spring period. I don't know about you, but here in Chicago it is nowhere near warm enough; I'm tired of wearing the same thing over and over, but I'm hoping a heat wave will roll in & I can pull out my cute dresses. I am so ready for the real spring! [If any of your are feeling really blue lately, I wrote an article on how to prevent seasonal depression here. Don't forget to always check in with your doctor if you feel your mind is not in its right state; the brain is the most important organ in our bodies and needs to be taken care.] Enjoy & happy shopping!

Comment, tweet, or e-mail me some topics you'd like me to blog about this month!


P.S. If you click the new SHOP tab on my categories bar (look up!), you will be taken to my wish list. It updates whenever I favorite a new item, so check back often for pretty gems. 

images linked through the carousel 

Recipes That Worked: Simple Sushi

Monday, April 08, 2013
Last month, The Boy and I decided to test our ability to make delicious, easy sushi. We had a craving one weekend, and that the craving needed to be filled. [We only used one recipe, the rest we learnt as we went.]
1. Collect your fillings - we chose salmon & avocado. Since The Boy wasn't too keen on the safety of raw fish from the market, we shocked it with heat on the skillet for a few seconds. Cut the salmon and avocado into thin vertical slices.
2. We used this sushi rice recipe; worked like a charm. Lay it out in a thin layer, or else you won't have enough seaweed sheet to roll. Thinner than this if you can; The Boy liked his stuffed to the brim.
3. Place your chosen fillings in the center. Intermingle or lay side-by-side. Leave some room around the edges!

4. Roll away! Slice & Manger!
Bon app├ętit


My Apartment Update & Things I'm Loving Lately

Friday, April 05, 2013

Hola everybody!!
I thought I'd share a few images from around my apartment lately. I was able to bring a few more things from Toronto over to Chicago on my last trip. It was such a relief opening my luggage and seeing nothing was cracked or broken. Ten points for mom's great wrapping skills! I've just finished up my latest exam, and feel like a fried egg on hot asphalt. I can't believe I'm almost done my first year of medical school; I prepared myself for the speed of the following 4 years ahead of me, but once one nears its end, it still feels like time flew by too quickly. Make sure you treasure all the important people in your life; hide that cell phone in your bag and really listen during dinner, turn off your wifi and TV & instead spend some time taking care of yourself.

I still decided to do a list of things I'm grateful for this past week, albeit one day late:
* seeing my running slowly improve over the past two weeks * Essie's Lapis of Luxury * getting a pair of super soft skinny jeans for summer that I've been eyeing for a while (ASOS Ridley Supersoft) * candles! * face mask pamperings * trouncing through Target & finding cute stationary * Reese's Pieces * catching up on blogs * seeing little tulips bursting through the grass * my new VOGUE Paris on Zinio & warm cuddly hugs!
I'm halfway through Joy's "Blog INC." and it's such a great reference book for fellow bloggers. I've yet to start Magical Thinking, but I bought it after reading a great review online.

What are you reading lately?!


Fun Links For The Week

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Only a few weeks until I can wear this without freezing my tush off!
Hi everyone,

I'll be contacting all the winners for the Zinio magazine giveaway very soon, so make sure you check your e-mails! Here's some fun stuff to get your week rolling:

First & foremost, if you are in Toronto please check out this fantastic event called Education Remixed, a Charity Arts Showcase hosted by Humber College. The student body is helping to raise awareness & money to support the Remix Project, "a non-profit Toronto-based program that offers underprivileged and marginalized youth the opportunity to explore and study streams of creative arts, including music, film, art, and business marketing". This night of fun will take place on April 5th, at the Berkeley Church downtown, which is such a beautiful venue! For more event details & tickets, click here.

+ I've been looking to purchase some plants for my apartment, and I came across this article listing the best air-filtering plants according to NASA.
+ How to import the blogs you follow on Google Reader straight to Bloglovin'.
+ Most popular Pinterest recipes by Real Simple. Drool.
+ Eating My Way Through Chicago - for all you Chicagoans.
+ Floral skinny jeans & a full skirt double-breasted trench (with gold buttons!) by Ted Baker *le sigh
+ Are you a shallow breather? How to practice deep-breathing & get the most out of this de-stressing technique.
+ How to set up your bar in 7 easy steps - Geri does the best videos. So visually appealing.

Something for you workaholics; especially to my pre-med & med school buddies. [Source]