Things I Love Thursdays: Feeling Blue-sy

Thursday, January 31, 2013

My new layout - Booking my flight to Miami - Wearing a fuzzy leopard sweater - Talking movies with Dad -Tuesday's spring weather - Breaking in my new leopard flats (hey.. I like leopard) - Realizing I have one extra day to do an assignment - Painting polka dots on my nails - Kiehl's avocado eye cream & The Body Shop's beautifying olive oil - Coconut Milk Mocha Almond Ice Cream - Tucker's routine to Scream & Shout - Planning weekend recipes - Watching terrible late night TV and loving it - Sleeping under 2 duvets and feeling like a warm, purring kitten in the morning

images: KarlasCloset, Tumblr, Christian Dior

"If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a tree." -Jim Rohn

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Hi tout le monde!
We had some unexpected spring weather today, so I took the new flats out for a walk. Unfortunately, the evening ended in a downpour, and the three of us didn't have much fun squishing our way home. Ah, c'est la vie! I hope you're all doing well. I'm going to listen to a meditation video & go exercise once this post goes live. I need some endorphins. The weather has made me so groggy this week. 

 I've been watching my tulips open up today. 

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar

Monday, January 28, 2013
Hey everyone! 
  Welcome to my new blog layout; I gave it a face lift over the weekend! (It took me 35-40 hrs, but it was so worth learning more HTML & CSS.) So I have this idea, and it involves making my link collection a weekly thing. I have had posts since the beginning - way back in 2008 - that were dedicated to fun stuff I found on the internet, but as of the last couple years, I stopped sharing. Bad Chantelle. Hopefully I can keep this up, and start off your week with some eye candy.

  • Girlsack: an amazing blog run by the witty Yewon K, a recent graduate living in Chicago & sharing her amazing menswear-inspired outfits. 
  • "A Very Very Basic Guide to Taking a Better Photo" by Rookie
  • Tina Fey's Secret to Success is "Saying YES!" - Huffington Post
  • A post dedicated to Shiny Thought's young friend who just passed away from cancer; it really makes you appreciate the special people in your life. Anyone can go, no matter how young. Hold them close & tell them you love them. 
  • This super cute Marc by Marc Jacobs bird print peplum top (it's silk, too). I found it on CruiseFashion, which looks like the UK version of ShopBop. Wishing I lived in London after checking out the sale section. 
  • How Cate Blanchett achieves her gorgeous skin: SK-II. Refinery29
  • Below --- I'm obsessed with this entire outfit, especially the cut of that skirt. I love how its tapered near the top, and opens up to a high split. 

P.S. I'm also keen on doing Things I Love Thursday, a weekly feature Gala Darling encourages her readers and fellow bloggers to do as well. It's basically a reminder of the stuff you are grateful for, and I love making lists!
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Dancing In Hot Pink: A Gala at the Palmer House

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Here are a few photographs from last weekend. I'm in the midst of studying for an upcoming exam, so I don't have much exciting content to share with you until Friday (the earliest). Womp womp.

Last Saturday was spent tasting new culinary delights, and attending a gala at the Palmer House in downtown Chicago. It is a stunning 140 year old hotel, with a crazy 4 diamond rating. I'd never heard of diamond ratings before, but I can understand why they exist. This place was on a whole 'notha level. *.*

My mom requested photos of us before departing to the gala. It was a massive acrobatic feat to compete with the self-timer, but a couple gems came through. I thought I'd share one of the images, because it includes a special someone I keep talking about.

That tall young man is The Boy.


Pretty Things, Lately

Thursday, January 17, 2013
I thought I'd share a few delightful pieces I've bought or been gifted this past month.  

Update: For the inquiries on instagram & elsewhere, several pieces are from the following brands --> T by Alexander Wang, Splendid, Chaser, Ami Dans La Rue, Club Monaco, Gorjana

Lagoons & Moussaka

Friday, January 11, 2013
Post-exam adventures with The Boy.
Even in the dead of winter, nature shines just as beautifully.


Guest Post: Different Handbags For Different Occasions

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Are you sick of lugging your big shoulder bag out to nightclubs? Perhaps you’re tired of squeezing your gym clothes into your work satchel? Or maybe you felt a little under-accessorized at a recent formal occasion? These days we find ourselves in such a diverse range of social situations, with each one demanding a new dress code. With each new dress code, chances are you’re also going to be required to accessorise with a different bag.

With this in mind, here is a look at common social scenarios and this season’s best handbags to wear to them:

The movies
If you’re heading to the picture theatre (or similar informal occasions like the shops, lunch with a friend or day trip to London) chances are you’re going to be dressed quite casually. This usually means jeans or a casual dress, and in the summer months shorts or a skirt. A great bag for this level of formality (or lack of) is a tote bag. This over the shoulder style is big, chunky and can fit all of your day to day possessions, be it your car keys, wallet or makeup. These are really popular in a slouched, over-sized style right now, and there’s a huge range of funky bright or traditional colours.

The gym
If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t mix with the other contents of your handbag, it’s your sweaty gym clothes. Keep your running shoes well clear of your sandwich for lunch, by purchasing a gym bag. A style that’s perfect for this is the duffle bag, which is stylish enough for your day to day needs but also deceptively big enough to fit all sorts of clothes and footwear inside.

The formal evening
There is a wide range of different formal styles and appropriate clothing. These might include an awards evening for work, a black tie function or a special occasion such as your wedding anniversary. Either way, you need a bag that reflects just how special the event is, by helping to complement your outfit and really make you stand out. A clutch is perfect for this sort of event, with enough space to carry your necessary items in without interfering with your outfit. Some beautiful styles could include a sequin cluster clutch, or a delicate and feminine satin clutch.

The office
There’s nothing worse than showing up to an important work meeting with crumpled documents. Workbags need to be both practical and stylish, with plenty of storage space for your documents or computer. This could include a brief case or a satchel style handbag. 

Planning for 2013

Friday, January 04, 2013
As many of my readers know, I do not wait for the New Year to set my goals. Whenever I feel something in my life needs to change I get right on to it. After reading The Happiness Project over the summer, I began to further organize my schedule to include monthly goals, which led to solid habits over time. I find this is the easiest solution, and it makes all those long "Life To-Do Lists" seem manageable. Nevertheless, I am aware that many of you DO want a fresh start at the beginning of a new year, and I am a proponent of change. I've decided to compile a few ideas and tips to help you on your way to a successful, and happy 2013.

Pre-order this cute agenda on etsy
1. Create a list of goals for the year. Subdivide them into "easily attainable" and "long-term/6-12 months". The long term goals that require work, such as losing/putting on weight, should be started in January or as early as possible. For a task that's much more simple, like painting your nails fun colors once a week, you can begin to schedule in later once you've made eating healthy, and exercising, a solid habit. Main point: avoid starting your resolutions all at once, and instead slowly introduce them throughout the 12 months allotted to you.

2. Meditation. I noticed that once I stopped meditating every day I wasn't falling asleep as easily, and I genuinely missed the relaxed state it put me in. However, I also knew I wanted to learn more about mindfulness and meditation in order to experience it properly, and fine tune it to my body. My grandfather was kind enough to send me a couple courses on Buddhism and meditation to help jump start my path. I really recommend all of you to try meditating for 10 mins a day. Once that becomes easy, and you want a bigger challenge, begin to seek out classes, masters, and resources. You won't regret it! [I also plan on reading Super Brain, and I know it harps the benefits of meditation as well.]
3. Take more pictures. Seriously, you'd be surprised at how many memories are lost, because we don't document them in writing or photographs. The latter is easy with the advent of smart phones, so take advantage of it and create a visual journal to show your kids/grandkids/nieces & nephews one day. We are living in an age where technology is abundant, and our lives will forever be imprinted on the internet. It is both scary, and exciting, because the following generations will have a virtual copy of our life.

4. Challenge yourself. Is there something you want to do that you keep putting off? Just bite the bullet and do it. For example, I know travelling and starting a new hobby (without friends to join you) can be intimidating, but the rewards are so much greater than imaginable. Let go of the fear. Our mentor told us today that fear is one of the main reasons people don't pursue their dreams. Don't let it control you. Be cautious, but not fearful.

5. Smile more often. Laugh at least once a day. Make an effort to see the people you love; they are a priority. You will regret this once they've passed away. Be grateful of the family& friends in your life, and communicate this love to them regularly.

I hope you all have a fantastic 2013, and I wish you much success and happiness!