New Year's Eve: Last Minute Outfits

Thursday, December 27, 2012
Although I sent a little reminder to get your celebratory get-ups together a few weeks ago, here are some ideas for those of you that can't help but procrastinate. It's tough to break old habits, I know!
Images 1, 3 &4: Harper's Bazaar. 2: Heather Kincaid
For the comment asking to clarify Medical Education in North America vs. Europe:
      In North America we finish our undergraduate degree before applying to medical school [there are a couple schools in Canada that let you apply after your 3rd year of university, but very few of those students get a spot, because they don't have enough research experience/not enough hospital experience/low GPA/not high enough MCAT scores/ don't do well on the interview]. We do not begin medicine straight from high school; as you may notice we need a lot of qualifications before we can apply. I don't have a solid background on your system in Europe, but I do have feedback from many friends and family that compared the services offered in both locations. All of them favor their Canadian healthcare system; but keep in mind this is just the opinion of a small few. In my own path towards an M.D., I can tell you that my experiences made me more mature, taught me how to learn/study effectively, and my long fight for an acceptance letter meant I sure as hell needed to make sure I loved medicine. The average entrance age in North American medical schools is 23-25 years old. This means many of us take a couple years off after undergrad to boost our application with more research/education, etc.; I got a Masters while a few friends in my program hold a Ph.D and/or several years of international clinical experience and life experience in general. The European medical schools also have an incredibly high drop out/failure rate compared to North America; there are many reasons and I read a few of them involve not being prepared academically for the pace & difficulty of medical education, succumbing to the partying [they're only 18; it's understandable], and also easier admissions. I would definitely do more research if I were you. Also check out some forums of students that are already in medicine, and ask around. The systems are completely different! I commend the European students that make it through; I read that there's a 50% fail rate in Hungary so the odds are almost against you.
Your perseverance is admirable & beautiful! Keep pushing!

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  1. I just haven't had time with all the Christmas-ing, to decide!

    xo Ashley

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  3. Nice post, your blog is lovely!

  4. Love these photos! I still haven't decided what to wear for NYE, as usually I'm gonna be picking out my outfit an hour before leaving the house. Oh well :P
    You have a fab blog! xx

  5. I love these looks and they're perfect for NYE. I actually still need to find a dress so I'm definitely inspired by these


  6. Great ideas, so glad I found your blog!

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    Steven B.

  8. I love this post and all the different shimmery outfits. I can't wait til NYE


  9. totally stunning outfit ideas! love all the glamour and sparkles and glitter!
    would you like to follow each other?

  10. I like this set of pictures!

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