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Thursday, August 30, 2012
A few things I've been loving lately - a collection of wündermuffins:

Feed Your Soul Art PROJECT: This site is filled with free prints designed by wonderfully creative artists. I've saved a whole bunch so I can print them out and stick'em on the walls of my apartment. Perhaps clustered over my desk, above the bed, in my agenda, EVERYWHERE!! Goooodbyeeee printer ink. [I might go to a secondhand shop and find some frames for the drawings.]

Drawing by Stephanie Corfee
The new IKEA catalogue. DROOL.

Anastasia: She Wears it Well palette. I swear to you it's practically a dupe of all your favourite colors from the Naked palette but for a fraction of the price, and in a manageable size for mid-day/nighttime touch ups. Get on that if you're a neutrals fiend.

Vinegar. I know, that sounds weird. However, I've been following UFYH and I tried the shower head trick with a bag of vinegar overnight, and I swear to you everything about my showers is infinitely better. Take that mineralized sprout holes! Also, UFYH is a dream machine. I've since made my bed every single day, and actually cleaned my apartment 20 minutes per day. I was quite neat before, now I am MASTER Neat.

Two words: Raspberry Sorbet. Two more words: ANY sorbet.

Image from this foodie tumblr 

This girl's personal pics on tumblr - punkless.
Those are her real eyeballs. It's amazing.


Alexander Wang - Rockie Duffle Review

Thursday, August 23, 2012
My latest addition, which was purchased before my shopping ban. [No fashion-related items from August to December. Eeek!] Enjoy.

Color: Cayenne
Smaller and lighter than the Rocco, with an interesting fold-over zip opening. I wanted a new purse that could fit my wallet, keys, and cell, but not kill my shoulders. My Alexander Wang Millie Satchel (previous post here) is super heavy & quite big. Good for school and lugging an ipad/laptop/DSLR - not so much for casual use.

The pebbled leather, studded bottom, and double secret compartments are still conserved from the original Rocco design. 

Below is the holy grail of leather protectors according to PurseForum. I didn't want another black bag, and I knew this color would easily get jean stains, or end up staining my white blouses & tees. If it doesn't live up to its claims I will mention it in a post.

Annnd one more just for kicks.  I adore this little muffin!

c/o ShopBop < 3


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Monday, August 13, 2012

Hola everyone!

Today was the first day of school for the fall quarter!!! We're starting with embryology, and I'm pretty excited because I touched base on this topic in undergrad (during two of my favourite science courses). Babies, sperm and eggs, oh my!

   Anyway, here are a few photos of a dress that was sent to me from Sheinside back in May. I know, I know... I'm that behind. It's another garment that was subject to tailoring before I got to wear it, so props again to Montgomery Alterations. The dress itself is spot on with the high-low skirt trend of the season, and the color is a classy neutral. I paired it with a thick belt I found in my mom's closet in order to give me a bit of shape, and a funky pair of cage pumps. You have no idea how much fun I have prancing around in dresses that make me feel like a fairy. I just die with glee. If I were reincarnated into a fictional creature, I'd definitely be Tinkerbell or one of her minions.

And a quick update: I made an August resolution that I would not buy any fashion-related purchases until December. There's a new purse in my collection that I will blog about soon, and it was the last purchase before I began my lockdown. I totally went out with a BANG. You'll love it!


Tailoring: Preventing Wardrobe Malfunctions, One Step at a Time.

Friday, August 03, 2012
This summer I discovered the marvellous benefits of tailoring garments. Although I've always been a sucker for "If it doesn't fit well, leave it"- methodology, I have two lovely dresses in my closet that contour well to my body, but were initially huge disasters. I'm talking, two sizes too big. Sometimes factories don't make extremely small sizes, so you need to hustle fast (especially if you're in a bridal party!). I highly recommend Studio Kim in Toronto; she somehow made my bridesmaid dress fit me in 7 days with no additional alterations.

Exhibit A: My dress was taken in from a size 2 to size 0 - Kim did a great job.
Exhibit B: My mother's dress was also taken in a few inches, and shorted into a "high-low" skirt. Alterations done by Montgomery Alterations in the westend of Toronto. This is also where I did my dress from shetheinside, which I will post at a later date.

And of course, some extra photos of the wedding because it was amazing!

The bride & groom having a great time with the samba dancers. So cute!

I stole this one from their photographer. It was too pretty to pass up! Once I get the photos from him I will to another post (hopefully I'll remember).

Closet Essential: The Leather Jacket

Thursday, August 02, 2012
Hello lovelies,

I just purchased my first lambskin, motorcycle jacket this week & I decided to share some information with all of you. I have always been hesitant to invest in a leather jacket, mostly because of the price tag, and which style to settle on. Up until Monday I had never tried on a piece that felt great. None of the jackets had that "it factor":  proper fit around the shoulders, nice tapering at the waist, good sleeve length, nice shade, cool zippers, multiple collar options, etc etc. Whenever I find something I adore, be it an object/person/experience, I get this weird....tingling, unexplainable feeling & I usually run with it. [Recently I had it right before the opening scene of The Dark Knight Rises, and when I spotted a chrome rabbit statue]. So when I popped this baby on and started tingling, I was a goner. Below I've added a bunch of tips & facts to help you find your perfect leather jacket. Bookmark & enjoy!

Before Buying
- If you move around a lot or want something soft and light, lambskin or goatskin leather is best. This material is used for drapey, supple jackets à la Mr. Rick Owens.
- There are many different styles! Choose one that suits your body, and your wardrobe. Cargo & Moto = casual and edgy. Blazer & trench or peacoat style = business, and classy sophistication.
- Want one for winter? Definitely go with cow leather, thick lining....and shearling!
- If you have a bigger chest, avoid lots of details and embellishments up top. If you have broad shoulders, avoid extra padding and little Victorian poufs.

Guide for a proper fit (taken from GQ): Look for high-cut arm holes so you don't have extra leather bunching up around your armpits. Go a size down to keep it nice and trim to your body (If you like wearing a hoodie/sweater underneath to add warmth, then bring it with you.) Make sure the sleeves are slim, you can't tailor leather like you can suits and dresses. Keep in mind that the jacket must hit at the waist, and isn't longer than that (unless you're getting a trench or cropped version).

- Play with the collar: open, closed, halfway, etc. Add a scarf - Check out Wendy's infamous scarf-tutorial.
- If you can, unsnap the cuffs and roll'em up. This is great for warmer seasons, like early fall or spring. Try this with a 3/4 length button-down shirt peaking out, and go for a preppy look.
- Remember, your jacket can pull a completely different look if it's left open vs zipped up. Take advantage of that. 
- Put aside the cardigans or hoodies that can fit underneath your new purchase. 
- With that in mind, also find the gloves and hats that combine well with your shade of leather. Mine is a distressed dark brown + moto-style, so I'd wear a beanie but not a beret or cloche. 

I picked up my jacket at Danier. If you're very scrawny like me, they have a xxxs that fits like a glove. I'm not sure how available this store is in the USA, so here are a few links to brands within the same price point ($400-$650): Veda, alice + olivia, Rebecca Minkoff, Helmut Lang, T by Alexander Wang, & Thakoon [ShopBop is having a summer sale, so these designers are currently more affordable.], Gap, French Connection, BCBG, and Zara.