Sharing the Happiness: Self-Love + Positivity

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
As you've all noticed before, I'm quite a fan of the self-love + positivity movement. Reading about it makes me feel great, and it gives me ideas on how to keep my optimism high and my feelings elated. Below are a few videos, links, and quotes that really connect with my petit soul.

Gala's Ted talk on Radical self-love

“There is nothing more destructive than saying ‘I’ll’ be happy when……..’ when you have more money, a new job, a new partner, a family, go on that trip, buy that pair of shoes, because you know what – you won’t. The ‘things’ that you think will make you happy will never make you happy until you can be happy with what you have now. You need to be able to look around you and appreciate what you have instead of looking at what that person over there has. It will only ever lead you to bitterness, jealousy and disappointment (and probably turn you into a troll).”
- Ranty Girl

The novel 'The Happiness Project' by Gretchen Rubin.
Her accompanying blog & her tools to start your own project. She pointed out something very important that has stuck with me: you can't stick to resolutions unless you remind yourself of them everyday. I like how she utilized Benjamin Franklin's 13 virtues chart as a basis for her template. I believe having one of my own pasted into my agenda every month will keep me in line. 


Articles highlighting someone's solid work ethic: James Franco & Kobe Bryant.

Blog posts by The Minimalists & Zen Habits
Minimalism and its lifestyle helps me clear my mind and feel at peace. Both of these blogs/sites have wonderful posts with tips on how to make life more pleasant and stress-free. 

Jaqui's tumblr skinnyhealth - I found it last fall when I was looking up positive psychology. Jacqui is an eating disorder survivor who struggles every day with psychological repercussions of the disease (if anything can drive your self-esteem to the ground, it's succumbing to an ED), as well as multiple surgeries for her endometriosis. Her happiness and self-love are so wonderful to read, and it really makes me think "She is so happy and yet has gone through incredibly difficult experiences in life. I need to be more grateful, for I live a wonderful life & have been blessed with lovely people and circumstances." 
Check out Jacqui, her positive mindset is infectious. Here's her first post - work backwards. 

Hope you find at least one of these sources enlightening!
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  1. love that quote!

  2. I love reading blog posts like this. Thanks for all the links, I adore being inspired by others. Have a great weekend!

  3. WOOO love the James Franco article! Gotta get that novel you mentioned. Seems good.


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