"Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions." - Albert Einstein

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hola hola holaaa,

I decided to talk about dreams, motivation, and hard-work today. From all the articles I've read lately, I managed to break down enough information to make sense of it all.

1. Positive thinking allows you to dream bigger, and instill in you the belief that you can achieve your goals.
2. Visualization allows you to see your future-self with more clarity.
3. This creates a deep desire to become the future-self you imagined.
4. You then work harder to have your dreams come to fruition. [Life as a Conscious Practice]
5. This speeds up life plans considerably. You are a productivity-machine, full of creative ideas!
6. Failures don't get you down and depressed for long periods of time, allowing one to have more hours/minutes/days to formulate innovate, original paths & plans to achieve success. [I'd like everyone to remember the trials and tribulations of Steve Jobs: He was fired from his position as Director of Apple, and within a few years he produced another multi-million dollar company called Pixar. Boom. He did not wallow around in self-pity, he pushed through and believed he would succeed again. If a flesh & bone human can do it, so can you. Don't be afraid of your failures, or let them define you.]
7. It's scientifically proven that happiness + positive-thinking have health benefits by decreasing stress hormones, which wreck havoc on your body. Genetics will be the limiting factor, but you're in control of the other 50%. Make it good. [Mayo Clinic. New Scientist.]
9. Positive people = happier people = network more efficiently by leaving a great impression = people remember you more = better & faster business deals.

I decided to load up on productivity links to get you on your way. Just thinking positively isn't going to magically get you where or what you want. Everyone must take action. Don't be all talk; let your results speak for themselves, and inspire others. So get crackin'! Hard work and efficiency, to the max! And start an inspiration board, or book, to push you through those intense nights before important events - although fear usually does that for me. I haven't kicked my anxiety, but I've curbed it to appear the day before tests/interviews/presentations. Hence, that gives me a lot of free time to be happy within 365 days of the year. And remember, for the days you're not freaking out over something important, write down everything that you're grateful for. It'll keep you content, and motivated.

 (I have it and love it. No matter what I do *delete app/reboot laptop/remove files* it will not let me log onto 
facebook, tumblr, bloglovin, youtube etc until my designated time is up.)
:zenhabits (been a fan for years)
Productivity and Business posts by Jen Dziura
(I don't agree with all her ideas, because it'd kick my anxiety into overload and put me in a coma by 25, 
but her scheduling and task management tips are great!)
LifeHack --amazing bananas!

My Tip: Buy a Moleskine and a small Whiteboard. The whiteboard has my daily to-do list, and the Moleskine tracks my weekly goals, and fun stuff I enjoyed throughout the day. I don't really keep journals, so my agenda is like a baby diary of events. You should remember that stuff too! Oh, and when to do your next clay mask. 

You know what you want, now go get'em tiger!

imagesource: fashionista

P.S. I just logged onto my old Polyvore account (last visit > 2 years ago) and discovered I had 478 followers! It totally made my day; I swear I had 60 people when I left. I also flipped through my posts and realized my style remains the same. I have a "Chantelle Formula" that's going to stick around forever. 

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    very beautiful photo of her too

  3. I'm so in love with Lana Del Rey, the image is stunning <3

  4. Thank you for the words and the links darling, you are amazing <3

  5. I've really jumped on the "motivational" band wagon as well lately. Especially looking to set strong goals this year and picking out words that will motivate constantly. There are some great blogs around that encourage this as well which is great.

    Great read!


  6. I'm really trying to be ultra positive but this damn sensitivity chip should be fastly removed!
    fantastic post!

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