Portugal Gems: TemaHome

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Hi everyone!

Since I'm home for the winter break, that means I get to watch satellite TV and a lot of Portuguese and Brazilian programs. There was a segment a few days ago on up-and-coming businesses in Portugal, and one of their original exports was TemaHome (who are based in Lisbon). Even during the recession, this company has flourished! I loved what I saw in their showrooms, so I decided to scoop out a few lovely pieces online. They're like an upscale, durable Ikea but with nicer designs. The minimalist in me is rejoicing, and the quirky weirdo in me is doing a 'cat-daddy when I dougie'. ^-^ Anywho, I hope you enjoy my petit discovery! It made me so happy, and proud. I'm now back to decorating my future loft/house in my head. Best visualizations ever!

I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday. Remember to keep thinking positive, happy thoughts. The more you practice, the easier it will get. Negativity just clouds judgement and does nothing to solve your problems. 
Clear the mind, walk on sunshine.
images: temahome

I love TemaHome's tagline:
"Living your dreams"

Present tense. Booya.
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  1. This is awesome! I studied in Lisbon for 5 months last Spring and fell in LOVE it's such an amazing city + country. I never visit this store I wish I had!




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