Menspiration #2: Keeping it Cool as it Cools.

Saturday, September 24, 2011
    I must admit, I found Mr. Porter by chance, and not avid research. I was attempting to book a flight on Porter, and somehow mistyped and landed on this gem. Even as a female I could not help but add many items to my wishlist. Or "manlist": the man you wished your man would dress like, cue Old Spice promo. ;) Yeah, I went there. Here are a few pictures, items, and questions from Mr. Porter.

You can send in your questions to Jai Francois' personal tumblr here: Help at Hand.

 No I'm not sponsored by them. I just like sharing awesome finds!
Is there a female version? It's so wonderful.

Have a great weekend my beautiful readers!
10 comments on "Menspiration #2: Keeping it Cool as it Cools."
  1. it looks great :D but it is only for men, isn't it?

  2. yes it is! but as I mentioned, I love so many pieces!

  3. If only all the guys I knew dressed like this...

    xx Jess Loves Fred

  4. It's actually owned by the people who did net a porter which would be the women's version :) I think they have a magazine type thing in an iPad app!

  5. I love your picks, especially the blazer. I will now print this page out and then subtlety leave it in my boyfriends moleskin ;))

  6. looks amazing, mens wear is the way to go!

  7. Love the inspiration from Mr. Porter!


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